Year 7 News

There can be no better way of sharing highlights of the Year 7 experiences than through the words of our young Homeroom Leaders.

Fad Advertisments, written by Ella Massey-Hicks

Last week a group of us girls shared a fun task of producing an iMovie for the English FAD campaign. We had to create our own advertisement on a product that we invented, ours was "Seven Centric" perfume. We had lots of fun and laughs on the way! I was lucky to have Anastasia, Elizabeth and Gemma's enthusiasm and talent to work with.

Elizabeth, Ella, Anastasia & Gemma working on English FAD campaign iMovie

Swimming carnival, written by Bailey Arundell

A highlight of my Year 7 experience would definitely be the swimming carnival. I really enjoyed the carnival because of the team spirit, friends and fun events. The swimming carnival allowed me to try my hardest in races but have fun at the same time!

Campion House preparing for the Swimming Carnival

Live Simply Day, written by Georgia Wholley

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Live Simply Day, because of you this has now made a big difference to someone's life. Everyone was positive and gave it a go, with high spirits and cheerful smiles. Good job and keep it up.

Year 7 total for Live Simply Day was: $1,279.90

One of the Year 7 Tippy Tap-making teams