Seek Justice

Janeen Murphy - Director of Mission

Pope Francis encourages us to 'never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity'. It has been very encouraging to see how supportive our community has been towards Project Compassion. Students have been giving generously during their homerooms and a number of individuals have organised cake stalls, coin flips and other activities to raise funds and awareness for Caritas Australia. Funds donated are helping to support people like

Dhaniram (24) lives with his family in a region of Central India known locally as the Tribal Belt. For generations, the tribes people have been marginalised and discriminated against. Today, they're amongst the poorest of the poor in India. Until recently, people in Dhaniram's village were unaware of the Government's social security schemes that are offered to support India's most vulnerable communities. "There is a low rate of literacy in my village and a low level of awareness of our own rights and entitlements," he explains. So when Dhaniram heard about the Hamara Haq ('Our Rights') project, he saw the potential to create real change.

Through this project, run by Caritas India and supported by Caritas Australia, Dhaniram learnt about Human Rights, local governance and leadership. He was so inspired by his learnings he persuaded many community members to join local government planning meetings, so they can direct the development of their own communities. Already, Dhaniram has helped to bring electricity to his village and restart a stalled government housing project that has constructed 84 new homes for his village. "I am passionate because I feel that this village is mine and we all should live a good life," Dhaniram tells. "We are now empowered to speak up and ask for our rights."

For our brothers and sisters around the world experiencing extreme poverty and injustice: That through our efforts they will be given greater opportunities for education and be empowered to recognise their right to strive for a better quality of life. We pray to the Lord.

For our community: That as we enter the journey of Holy Week, we will be mindful of those who are denied their human rights and their basic needs. We pray to the Lord.

Pilgrimage Information Evening

The 2016, John XXIII College pilgrimages will take place during the Term 3 holidays from Saturday, 24 September until Friday, 6 October. The four pilgrimages will go to East Timor, Vietnam, India and Alice Springs.

An information evening will be held for Year 11 students and parents who are interested in finding out about the John XXlll Pilgrimage Program. The evening will be held in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture on Tuesday 5 April at 7 pm.

It is very important that students wishing to apply for pilgrimage attend the meeting with at least one parent or a guardian.

Will you contribute to Slavery this Easter?

It is estimated that Australians spend about $2 billion on chocolate over Easter. Much of the chocolate we consume in Australia is made with cocoa beans picked by enslaved children, particularly in West Africa. You can make a difference to the world, and to the lives of these children, by buying only slavery-free chocolate.

Please buy and eat only slavery-free Easter eggs and chocolate this Easter. Slavery-free chocolate will feature one of these three labels on the wrapper: