The Triduum (3 days from Holy Thursday evening to Easter Sunday evening) is the highpoint of the Christian calendar, when our Church celebrates its most beautiful Liturgy. Many families, mindful of the origin of the Easter holiday weekend, incorporate some or all of the parish celebrations into their family gatherings and activities.

Some of our local parishes have supplied the following information, which is also on the College Website.



Holy Thursday - 24 March
7:30pm: Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday - 25 March
10:00am: Stations of the Cross
10:30-11:00am: Reconciliation
3:00pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday - 26 March
"Day of Quiet at the Tomb of Jesus"
6:00pm: Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday - 27 March
8:45am: Easter Morning Mass

Looking for Liturgy times at Carmel Monastery? Please go to this link.


Holy Thursday - 24 March
6:30pm: Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday - 25 March
9:00am: Stations of the Cross
3:00pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday - 26 March
7:00pm: at Corpus Christi (Mosman Park) Easter Vigil Mass
11:30pm: (Cottesloe) Whole Night Vigil

Easter Sunday - 27 March
10:00am: Easter Mass
5:00pm: Easter Mass

Looking for Liturgy times at Corpus Christi, Mosman Park? Or for Liturgy in Spanish? Please go to this link.


Holy Thursday - 24 March
7:00pm: Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday - 25 March
9:45am: on the School Oval - Passion Play
3:00pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday - 26 March
7:00pm: Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday - 27 March
9:00am: Easter Mass
5:30pm: Easter Mass

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Holy Thursday - 24 March
7.00pm: Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper

Good Friday - 25 March
10.00am: Stations of the Cross
3.00pm: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday - 26 March
7.30pm: Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday - 27 March
9.30am: Easter Mass

'GOOD NEWS' for Easter

The teaching of scripture is that he must rise from the dead. (Luke John 20:1-9)

The reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is by Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is reprinted here with his kind permission. Father Andy is a Jesuit, a theologian and, among his other roles, the Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.

Image: Dorothy Woodward rsj ©Emmaus Productions


Easter Sunday comes after Good Friday. It also contrasts with it. Good Friday is heavy and intimidating, full of soldiers in barracks and escorting prisoners, of high officials judging, of horrid sights and sounds of a man being flogged and hammered to a cross, and of dark experiences of betrayal and abandonment. Good Friday features a brutal public show of force. It ends in darkness come early. There is no escape from Good Friday.

Easter Sunday is light as a feather, full of sunlight, rumours rising, angel messages, an immoveable stone gently moved, a presence barely noticed, a welcome extra wafting through locked doors, a familiar figure glimpsed on the beach, a movement in the air that lifts despair. Easter Sunday is not for nailing down. But the joy and energy and hope it brings blow strong.

Easter Sunday does not cancel out Good Friday. It is wired on to it. Easter Sunday readies us to attend to the public brutality and corruption of Good Friday, and to the ripping apart of a man's hopes, promises, friendships and self-respect. All this took place and was written in stone. But it is not all that is to be said. Something remains, light as air, that whips and hammers cannot smash, nor can betrayal and hatred crush. Even in the smashing and unravelling God is present, turning chains to dust and desperation to hope. On Easter Day the darkness of Good Friday is made translucent and life-bearing. Deadly seriousness yields to laughter.

For us, too, Easter Sunday is elusive, and happily so. We cannot prove that Christ is risen, but we smell Resurrection in the air. We live with death, abandonment and betrayal, feeling the darkness, but sensing over the horizon a dawning we cannot see. We lament each new rent in our hopes for a generous and just Australia and for the vulnerable people who seek our protection, but hope renewed repairs our hope.

Easter is more than a birthday present for believers. To share a hope that enables us to see and bear our griefs and losses, the stubborn brutality of our society and world, and the repeated dismantling of what we build, is a gift that all human beings need. Certainly the vulnerable people with whom we work at Jesuit Social Services need this gift. They look to us to share it with them when we accompany them. Their experience of abandonment can so often lead them to the edge of despair. When they come to hope that they can live well and find constant companions they begin to experience what lies at the heart of Easter.

© Andrew Hamilton SJ


Campion House is preparing our next Community Liturgy, for Friday 1 April. Campion family members and supporters are especially welcome.
There is always an open invitation to all parents and friends, as well as students and staff, to celebrate our Liturgy in the Chapel before school on Fridays, then continue with coffee in the Café, for those able to stay.

When: Fridays in Term Time
Time: 8:00-8:30am
Where: College Chapel

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Is your child in Years 3, 4, or 6?
"Parents - it is your privilege and responsibility, which follows from your commitment when your child was baptised, to present your child for the sacraments."

Enrol in your Parish
The latest information from some of our local parishes is provided below. Further information is on the College website which is updated regularly.

Local Parishes
Some of the local parishes have supplied the following information regarding Sacrament Programs.

Sacraments enrolling now
Registration Forms are available here. Please complete a form to bring to the registration session.

If you want your child to celebrate the sacrament, but have not yet enrolled, please contact one of the following people immediately.
Fr Emmanuel-tv Dimobi at or 9341 3131
Cathy Gawen, Catechist Coordinator at or 0451 951043
Benna Masbate, Sacrament Coordinator at or 0488 998651.

Sacrament of Confirmation enrolling now
CONTACT: Phone 9381 0400 to arrange a brief interview


I have missed the enrolment date in my parish? What should I do?
Make contact with your Parish Priest or Sacrament co-ordinator. In some cases, it may still be possible to accommodate late applicants. Parishes may need to order materials or specific items - so you need to let them know as soon as possible.

I am not sure to which parish we belong. How can I find out?
The new website for the Archdiocese of Perth is very user friendly. Go to the drop down for Parishes and Masses, then find your parish by suburb, arranged alphabetically.

The parish sacrament programs are not identical. Does that matter?
Not at all. Under the guidance of the Parish Priest, each parish is unique and offers the Sacrament Program within the context of their parish community.

My parish insists on children attending classes. Isn't the content covered in the Religion curriculum at John XXIII College?
The Primary Curriculum at John XXIII College includes, for each year level, the relevant sacrament unit content, viz: Year 3 - Reconciliation; Year 4 - Eucharist; Year 6 - Confirmation. Because each parish is unique, they will prepare for and celebrate the sacraments uniquely.

I don't see my parish listed above.
As a regional school, our College is enriched by families from many parishes, not all of them close by. Information for all parishes may be found on the archdiocesan website.
Further information is on the College website which is updated regularly or email Mary-Anne Lumley or phone on 9383 0513, Parish Liaison.