Last words for 2012

As the teaching year draws to a close there are still Magis programs getting under way. Cultural DeCoding at The University of Notre Dame runs from 15 to 18 January 2013 and the Summer Design Studio at the University of Western Australia runs from 21 January to 24 January 2013. It is not too late for Year 11 students entering Year 12 next year to enrol in either or both of these wonderful programs. Furthermore, exceptional Year 10 students entering Year 11 should also consider applying. If anyone is interested in a current Year 10 student enrolling in either program, I am very happy to discuss the matter and/or help with enrolment.

On Friday last week I met with UWA architecture lecturer Yasas Botenne to discuss initiating a program for gifted primary students. We are looking at developing a program running from May to September 2013 for gifted students from Years 5 to 7. The program will involve collaborative problem solving, design, drawing, model construction and developing concepts in relation to the built and natural environments. We are considering allowing scope within the program for students to develop proposals for international competitions. This will give gifted primary students an avenue for academic extension, problem solving and creative thinking within a social context, but outside curriculum. I am very excited about the potential we have at John XXlll College to be at the very cutting edge of education, making a noticeable difference in our students' lives.

Finally I would like to extend my gratitude to all the parents who have supported our Magis program this year. I appreciate the assistance parents have given me with various Magis activities, their support of their sons and daughters who have been caught up in any of the Magis programs after and before school hours, and their constant positive feedback. It is only possible to initiate programs if parents and their students are willing to support them. Over the years more and more students have participated in the many different things on offer through Magis. My hope is that eventually Magis will offer something for every student at John XXlll College.

Hope and joy to all in our community and have a wonderful Christmas.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator

Merry Christmas!