Around the Primary

Dear Parents

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Year Three Musical, 'The Peace Star'. This musical was the result of weeks of preparation and rehearsal. To see the children sing, dance and recite their lines so confidently was a credit to themselves and Mrs Morell. Well done to all the Year 3 children for their outstanding performances and commitment to the musical. Thank you to the parents for ensuring that the children were able to attend rehearsals. A big thank you to all those parents who assisted with making the gorgeous costumes and helping out with the amazing make-up before the dress rehearsal, matinee and evening performance. Thank you to all the staff, particularly Mrs Distante and Mrs Young for all their work behind the scenes. Finally, a huge thank you Mrs Morell for all her work in taking on the role of producer, musical director and choreographer for our Primary Musical and for her outstanding dedication and commitment to ensure 'The Peace Star' was such a success.

Our Year Four children are now in the final stages of their preparation to receive their First Communion on Sunday 16th September. As part of their preparations for this special Sacrament the children participated in a retreat on Wednesday. The children enjoyed this special reflective and prayerful day with Miss Nish, Mr Edwards, Mrs Vicoli and Fr Gaetan. Sincere thanks to all the parents that organised morning tea and lunch on the day.

On Monday, 17th September, the Primary School will be holding its annual Open Night. This is a wonderful opportunity for all families to visit classrooms to see all the fantastic work the children have been doing at school. The Open Night will be held from 5.00 - 7.00 pm. Families are not expected to stay for the whole time, but to come in and visit classrooms at their leisure. All the Primary classrooms will be open, including the Japanese Room, Library and the new Kindy Room. Throughout the evening, the children will be sharing their musical talents in the Library and the MacKillop Room (more details will follow).


Years 3 to 6 Interhouse Cross Country

Congratulations to all the competitors who took part in the Interhouse Cross Country Carnival. The effort from all the competitors and their sportsmanship was great to see. A sincere thank you to the many parents who helped on the day and also to all the spectators who came along to support the children.

The top four place getters for the Long Course Races were:

Year 3 Girls (1500m) Year 3 Boys (1500m) Year 4 Girls (1500m) Year 4 Boys (1500m)
1st Holly Cannon (Kooly)
1st David Thomson (Ward)
1st Mia Burton (Campion)
1st Ethan Quinlivan (Kooly)
2nd Rosa Defracesco (Loreto)
2nd Daniel Morgan (Loreto)
2nd Abby Fowles (Ward)
2nd Oliver Woodland (Loreto)
3rd Jemeeka Leigh ( Loreto)
3rd Thomas Rear (Loreto)
3rd Sophie Male (Loyola)
3rd Kieran Kavanagh (Loreto)
4th Olive Matthews (Loyola)
4th Hayden De Courtenay (St. Louis)
4th Celeste Fryer (Loyola)
4th Dylan Paull (Ward)
Year 5 Girls (2400m) Year 5 Boys (2400m) Year 6 Girls (2400m) Year 6 Boys (2400m)
1st Juliette Steens (Kooly)
1st Samuel Jobson (Campion)
1st Keely Morphett (Loreto)
1st Joshua Gentle (Loreto)
2nd Bianca Lowenadler (Loreto)
2nd Harrison McNeilly (St. Louis)
2nd Aoife Whelan (Ward)
2nd Finn Rutherford (Kooly)
3rd Ella Matthews (Loyola)
3rd Ben O'Connor (Kooly)
3rd Ruby Drake (Ward)
3rd Ranoul Ratnawibhushana (Ward)
4th Sloan Burton (Campion)
4th James Hackett (Ward)
4th Aoife McCallion (Loreto)
4th Ian Gopfert-Espinosa (Ward)

Congratulations to all our talented runners!


Our students performed very well at the Carnival held on Thursday 30th August at Bunbury Grammar. We had a large number of students who finished in the top ten; this was a great achievement as in many races there were up to eighty runners from twelve competing schools.

Our outstanding results include:-

Year 3 Girls (1500m)
1st Place: Holly Cannon
Year 4 Boys (1500m)
8th place: Ethan Quinlivan
Year 5 Girls (2400m)
4th Place: Juliette Steens
5th Place: Ella Matthews
6th Place: Bianca Lowenadler
7th Place: Imogen Hooke
9th Place: Sloan Burton
Year 6 Girls (2400m)
2nd Place: Keely Morphett
8th Place: Aoife Whelan
Year 6 Boys (2400m)
7th Place: Joshua Gentle

Well done to all our competitors on your fantastic results and participation!

Years 3 to 6 Athletics Carnival (Friday, 21st September)

The field events for the Athletics Carnival will take during sport sessions. There will be a special ribbon presentation to the top four place getters in Turbo Javelin, Long, High & Triple Jump later in the term.

Trials for all track events will also be completed during sport sessions.


  • Years 3 to 6 INTERHOUSE ATHLETICS CARNIVAL on Friday 21st September commencing at 9.30 am
  • Years 3 to 6 INTERSCHOOL ATHLETICS CARNIVAL at All Saints College on Thursday 27th September commencing at 9.30 am
  • The Junior Athletics Carnival will take place on Friday morning, 26th October.

Thanking you for your continued support.

John Alderman (Primary Sports Coordinator)

Junior Netball

Another netball season comes to a close and our fabulous junior netballers from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 represented the school in a wonderful demonstration of sportsmanship, skill and team spirit. Thank you to all the coaches and managers that gave up their time to assist in training and preparation on game day. There were many wonderful displays of young netballers in action on Saturday morning down at Mathews Netball Centre and win lose or draw they all had beautiful team smiles on their faces!

Special recognition is awarded to our Sub Junior Team 2 who won the B1 division pennant. Coach Sally Purnell steered the girls to a fabulous undefeated season. The team consisted of Aoife Whelan, Fabienne de Saint Jorre, Ciara Morrissey, Sloan Burton, Caitlin Thornton, Lucia McMahon, Olivia Purnell, Jamie Cannon and Lili Morgan.

The special netball windup is a chance to hear all the news from the coaches and presentation of individual trophies and certificates.

Terri Thornton (John XXIII Junior Netball Coordinator)


Congratulations to Logan Young (5B) and Levi Young (3G) for being awarded a gold medal at the KWWA (Kung Fu Wushu) 2012 State Championships Dual Event under 13. Well done boys!