Senior Netball News

Well done to all teams in the semi finals on the weekend. Congratulations to Year 9 Tiger Eye, Year 8 Onyx and Year 7 Amber teams for progressing straight through to the grand final. Commiserations to the following teams - Crystal, Pearl and Peridot who unfortunately lost on the weekend and are no longer in the finals.

This weekend we have 9 teams playing in the preliminary final. All teams must win to advance to the grand final.

DIVISION 2: JTC silver v City Beach Surfers at 4.00pm on court 28

DIVISION 4: City Beach Surfers v JTC diamond at 4.00pm on court 26

DIVISION 7: JTC emerald v Mosman Park at 1.00pm on court 29

DIVISION 8: JTC sapphire v Classics 1.00pm on court 28

DIVISION 13: Mercedes green v JTC amethyst at 1.00pm on court 22

YEAR 7/8 DIVISION 4: City Beach Surfers v JTC jade at 11.30am on court 17

YEAR 7/8 DIVISION 8: Newman S. lilac v JTC topaz at 11.30am on court 23

YEAR 7/8 DIVISION 11: Deanmore PS v JTC citrine at 10.15am on court 28

YEAR 7/8 DIVISION 12: JTC zirconia v Karrinyup PS at 10.15am on court 17

Please be reminded to wear correct uniform otherwise you may not be allowed to take the court during the final. Please also ensure that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your game starting, to ensure that you are warmed up and ready to take the court.

We encourage everyone to come down and cheer the John XXIII teams on as they strive to make the grand final.

Alisha Allen

Netball Coordinator