From the Deans

Year 8 News

Year 8 Social
The year 8 Social will be on Tuesday, September 11. Students who wish to attend the social must return their permission slip and five dollars to Student Reception by Monday, September 10. Students must also bring the following food items: Loyola students drinks, Campion and Loreto students a sweet dish and Koolyangarra, Ward and St. Louis students a savoury dish.

The social is in the Roncalli Hall and begins at 6.30 pm and concludes at 9.00pm.

The list of Year 8 students who received 100% positive comments on their report (revised)

Dirk Gleghorn
Dean of Year Eight

Year 10 News

River Cruise

The Year 10 River Cruise is fast approaching. If your son or daughter is planning to attend and has not yet handed in their permission slip and payment, they must do so by Tuesday 11th September. If they are unsure about attending, please encourage them to do so. The cruise is always a fun night and is a great way for the students to socialise in a controlled environment.

Academic Focus

During Semester One there was a very clear academic focus for Year 10 students as their course selection was looming. Since that time, for a significant number of students, I have noticed that effort and focus on academic performance has dropped. The message that students will receive at the College, and one that should be reinforced at home, is that prerequisite grades for all selected courses must be maintained throughout Semester Two to ensure acceptance into those courses. Student work habits and performance are being monitored and follow-up course counselling interviews will be conducted at the beginning of Term 4 to review the progress of each student. I have encouraged students to challenge themselves and also to be realistic about course and career planning. It is now up to each of them to show us what they are capable of.