Around the Primary

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The second week of Founders' Time has provided the opportunity for our Primary students to focus on Mary Ward. It has been a delight to see the students exploring the Mary Ward statue and then discussing what might be in her back pack or what special prayers she recited as she travelled from place to place.

The students from 6B and Miss Graves organised today's informative and thought provoking Assembly. We thank them for all their hard work and for sharing all that they have learnt in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

All of our Year 6 students also received their leadership badges for their Semester Two Portfolios. Every student is a leader at John XXIII and we look forward to seeing our Year 6's displaying their leadership skills around the College and being wonderful role models for the younger students.

Congratulations to all the students who received a certificate today. We are so proud of their efforts and achievements.

PPB India Bester
PPB Alice Edmondson
PPB Campbell Tonkin
PPG George Foster
PPG Ewan MacLennan
PPG Amelia Watson
1B Ayva Baker
1B Izaac Paton
1G Cate Thomasz
1G Elijah Zuvela
2B Bianca Petsos
2B Matilda Williamson
2G Olivia Gardner
2G Sofia Lamattina
3B Asha Paton
3B Connor Price
3B Max Watt
3G Zachary Ferguson-Allen
3G Rebecca Litic
4B Sienna Carroll
4B Lachlan Richardson
5B Bridgette Beament
5B Jenna Martin
5B Xavier Smith
5G John Exten
5G Jasmine Holly
5G Emma Winch
6B Grace Barbour
6B Zachary Barrett
6B Rebecca McGurgan
6G Jemma Rolls
6G Mia Smith
6G Thomas Standen

On Monday evening a very excited group of girls from Years 3-6 and their Mothers participated in the "Girl Power" workshop. Girl Power is a friendship program that inspires girls to feel empowered, to develop a strong sense of self and love themselves whilst learning to manage their friendships.

Here are some comments we received about the Girl Power workshop:
'Great messages, tool and challenges (in a good way!) to all girls and parents that attended'.
'It was absolutely fantastic! It was so well presented, with the right mix of theory and practice and aimed at the right level for this age group'.
'The lessons learnt from this workshop will carry the girls through their lives'.

Special thanks to Mrs Murphy, our Primary Counsellor for this workshop. We will now explore the possibility of offering the 'Good Guys' workshop for boys.

Next Thursday our Interschool Cross Country Team will be participating in the IPSHA Carnival at Bunbury Grammar. We wish our 60 competitors every success at this sporting event.

Kind Regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary