Magis and Ignatius Centre


While examinations are on Magis Clubs are not meeting. However, students are still involved in their particular activities. Media Club students had their first meeting this week to discuss the audio-visual production for Presentation Night at the end of the year. Last year students did the entire presentation, including some of the music. It is exciting to see what our talented students can achieve. On Friday last week the Media Club made its first short film. The entire work was filmed after school with filming finished by 5pm. It is a wonderful creative effort by our students and can be viewed at:

Jesuit Debating Carnival

In July I am travelling to Sydney with three Year 12 students for the Jesuit Debating Carnival, held at St Ignatius' College, Riverview. The students will be billeted with a family from that College. We will have a brilliant experience debating with other Ignatian schools over three days. Our team is: William Paparo, Anna Dolin and Paige Fairweather.


With upper school examination well underway the Library has been very busy. The Year 12 Study Area, complete with Macbooks, is proving to be an ideal space for Year 12 students to study and prepare for their examinations. During this time the Library is back to opening at 7.30am and closing at 5pm, except on Friday when we close at 4pm. Students are welcome to study before school, at lunch time and after school.

New Books

Over the past weeks we have purchased a number of new titles that are on display in the Library. Many of these are fiction, for secondary student reading. However we also have a great number of new nonfiction for primary students. These are also on display and ready for student borrowing. I am looking forward to reading my way through all these exciting new books. Students are welcome to suggest titles they would like us to purchase. We are focussing on supporting reading as well as curriculum.

Library Monitors

Two weeks ago we advertised for the position of Library Monitor in the Library. I have interviewed and appointed our first team of Monitors. I am delighted to announce that our first monitors are: Jonty Binet, Christopher Fairweather, Alexander King and Nicholas St John-Ayre. These students will assist Library staff at the Library Help Desk, design and set up displays, advise in relation to the Collection and, hopefully, write reviews for their fellow students.

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator