New Guidelines for Music Students, Parents and College Community regarding Performance Etiquette procedures in place for 2014




  • Concerts will start promptly at advertised starting time.
  • There will be no movement in or out of the venue during the concerts as a courtesy to performers and an expectation that their hard work in preparation deserves an audience.
  • All performers and audience are expected to stay for the full length of the program. Concerts will aim to be 1 hour 15 minutes maximum with refreshments at the conclusion.
  • Performers are expected to be warmed up prior to the recital and are to be seated in the front 2 middle rows.
  • Notice of recitals is by email and newsletter. Closing dates are advertised and any entry coming after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • No performer should submit an item for any concert if they are unable to commit to the entire performance time.
  • Students will be limited to one item per recital with no item exceeding 5 mins absolute maximum. (This will include participation in an ensemble).
  • All students' submission forms must be signed off by their tutor (music) and the accompanist ( if required).
  • Once a program limit is reached (timewise) students' applications will need to be transferred to the following recital.
  • A meeting for all performers will be held in a lunch time in the week preceding the recital. Non-attendance will result in application for performance being withdrawn.
  • Dress for all functions will be appropriate; long pants for boys, skirts/dresses for girls knee length. Students who are inappropriately dressed will be asked to return home to change or not permitted to perform.
  • All performers requiring accompaniment must have booked in with Mr Dockery prior to their performance. Mr Dockery will verify accompaniment practice on performer's application form.
  • These procedures will come into effect immediately and are done with the intent of improving the concert experience for performers and audience alike.


  • All Soirees within the College will be of 1 hour 15 minutes in duration.
  • Soirees will be starting at the advertised time. Late admittance will not be permitted and there will be no coming and going during the performance in respect to the performers and the hard work they have put into preparation for their item.
  • Warm up times and venues will be advertised and be 45 minutes prior to the event with all performers seated in their allocated seats with instruments 10 minutes prior to starting time.
  • All ensemble directors will be expected to provide a detailed seating and equipment plan by submission of entry date. Any entries received after submission date will not be accepted.
  • There will be no interval - refreshments will be offered after the event.
  • It will be absolutely mandatory that ensembles and their directors are seated in the venue for the entire performance. Those who cannot manage this will need to withdraw from the Soiree. Assistance will be offered with larger ensembles, ie staff member, parent.
  • As time is limited within the program, it will be limited to larger ensembles in secondary covering all instrument types.
  • Alternative opportunities for small soirees to be discussed - i.e. small ensemble soiree, Catholic Performing Arts.
  • An alternative concert will be held for Primary Music Ensembles with the same expectations.
  • Ensembles that have ample opportunities to perform throughout the year may have to withdraw from Soirees with a time limit.
  • Students are expected to be correctly attired and if not will be sent home to change or will not be permitted to perform.

TWILIGHT RECITAL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE DUE NEXT FRIDAY 14 MARCH. The Recital will take place on Sunday 23 March commencing at 5:30 pm the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre. Please read conditions above regarding entry.

CATHOLIC PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL entry forms are now available from the Music Office for all soloists ($15) and ensembles. Completed entry forms, music copies and money will be due by the end of the term; date to be advised.

Toni Strong
Director of Music