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St Thomas the Apostle Claremont

Register before 11th April
Enrolment Masses this weekend - 8th and 9th March

St Joseph's Subiaco

Compulsory Registration afternoon Tuesday, 18th March, 4:30.

Further details: College website


What if my parish is not listed on the College website?

As a regional school, our students are drawn from many parishes. For information about your local or home parish, just enter Perth Catholic in your search engine, then find your parish in the drop down list.

Where can I find more information?

Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison


The College is blessed that each Friday morning it celebrates as a unique Christian community. Many people find it a great way to prepare for the wider Christian community at their own parish Mass at the weekend, especially as we begin the Lenten season.

During the week a number of Year 7s practised the readings, prepared prayers and learned how to set up the Chapel for Mass, then joined with their families to celebrate this morning. Thank you to our Year 7s!

Next Friday, 14th March, students and parents of Campion House are particularly welcome!

Mass always finishes at 8:30, so students and teachers can get to class - and busy parents can get to work!

When: Fridays in term time
Time: 8:00 - 8:30
Where: College Chapel
Who: All welcome!


… is the theme of the 2014 Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas provides the following reflection on this Sunday's gospel, from Matthew 4.

At the start of his public life, Jesus went into the desert and took time to reflect. He was tempted to take self-serving, comfortable options. He chose not to abandon his vision for justice and life for all. He chose to be faithful to his call to lead all people to a fullness of life, to know God and to love one another.

Lent is a time for spiritual reflection. We open our eyes to a wider horizon. Am I open to being transformed by God's love? Am I reflecting God's love to others, especially to those in need?

Confronted by the extent of poverty in the world, we may be tempted to think that we are powerless. But we are far from powerless when we are part of the Catholic Church's world-wide response to poverty, led principally by Caritas. Our contributions to Project Compassion fan out around the world to give people access to hope, to have life - and have it to the full.

One example is a young Brazilian woman, Maristely, who grew up in a crowded slum, known as a favela, in São Paulo, in a house made of cardboard with no electricity, or water. Now 18, she is involved with Caritas Australia's partner Movement for the Defence of Favela Residents which is active in 40 favelas in São Paulo to provide, through education and advocacy, access to clean water, electricity, sewerage, and a certificate of home ownership. Maristely tells what the change has meant for her: 'Being a part of MDF has given me awareness of my dignity as a person, and critical thinking. I know that to live in a favela is nothing to be ashamed of.'

Donations to Caritas Australia's Project Compassion provides young people like Maristely with the opportunity to become leaders for justice.

©Caritas Australia and ©GPBS