Around the Primary

Dear Parents

This morning our Year 3B students hosted our first Junior Primary Assembly for the term. It was fantastic to see the students singing and dancing with such enthusiasm. Thank you to Mrs Distante and Mrs Cattapan (Performing Arts Teacher) for preparing the Year 3's so well for their item.

irish-dancersimg_7778.jpg assemblydimg_7784.jpg footballersimg_7785.jpg

Congratulations to the following students who received a certificate for their wonderful efforts and achievements: -


Loughlan Patterson

William Bahen Lola Denton


Lydia Defrancesco

George Foster


Luca Robson Matilda MacLennan Ethan Raykos

Raphael Zidar


Lucy Soares

Georgette Watson

Jackson Watts Izaac Paton


Bianca Petsos Cooper Matera


Olivia Gardner

Violet Worner

group-sculptureimg_9214.jpg horse-sculpture-with-studentsimg_9203.jpg

On Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 March the Year 3-6 students attended the 'Sculpture by the Sea' exhibition at Cottesloe Beach.

The Year 4 and 5 students had the opportunity to view and discuss a wide selection of sculptures during their guided focus tour. The amazing variety of wonderful sculptures certainly provoked much interesting discussion amongst the students.

The Year 3 and 6 classes were delighted to meet with one of the exhibiting sculptors. This workshop gave the students valuable insight into the concept and technique of the artist. After discussing the works each student created their own magnificent sculptures, working in a similar style to the exhibiting artist. Mrs Roche (Primary Art Specialist) was thrilled by the students' positive responses, which were lively, varied and most importantly individual.

Thank you to Mrs Roche for organising this terrific excursion and thank you to all parent helpers and staff who helped to make this excursion a truly unforgettable experience.

girls-activityimg_9291.jpg student-art-activityimg_9366.jpg boy-with-made-sculptureimg_9362.jpg

This week our Year 5G students were enriched by their experiences on Zoo Camp. The staff were so proud of the way they collaborated, displayed leadership and followed instructions. They are a credit to our school. Thank you to Mrs Fontaine, Mr Fromm, Miss Joyce, Mrs Gardner and Mrs Murphy for your time and energy. I hope you enjoy reading some of their 'zootastic reflections'.

The Zoo camp was terrific. My favourite animal was the lions. It was cool when they roared at night. It was the BEST!
Patrick Eastwood

A memorable experience for me from the Zoo camp includes building the meerkat mazes with the cardboard. We put popcorn and edible wood inside them to keep them entertained. The next day, we gave our mazes to the meerkats and we watched them play in them. It was so cute! I loved to watch them climb in and out and scurry up to the food. Zoo camp was amazing!
Ava Kwei

The Zoo camp was great. I liked sleeping in the barn and seeing all of the animals.
Zac Pruiti

A reflection of the Zoo camp. It was so funny when I woke up in the middle of the night and heard one of the teachers snoring!
I really enjoyed it!
Jasmine Slatter

The Zoo camp was awesome! I loved it so much! My favourite part was seeing all of the animals at night when no one else was there but us.
It was great!
Sophie Standen

My favourite part of the camp was getting to spend the night with my friends. I loved seeing the different animals, especially the gibbons.
It was the best experience and I would love to do it again.
Amerie Chai

My favourite part of our 5B zoo camp is when my group and I saw the elephant playing soccer and then popping the soccer ball.
I learnt that when an ape is showing off it makes kissing noises.
Summer Burton


On Sunday it is Palm Sunday and this marks the beginning of Holy Week. We will be having liturgies throughout Holy Week to share the significance of the Easter story with our students.

Palm Sunday Reflection (Prepared by 6B) in Amphitheatre Monday 21 March - 2.00pm
- 2.40pm

Last Sunday Reflection (Prepared by 6G) in Chapel Wednesday 23 March - 9am

Stations of the Cross (Prepared by 5B/5G) Thursday 24 March - 9am

All parents are welcome to attend these liturgical celebrations.

Next Tuesday afternoon (22 March) our Interschool Swimming Squad (see list below) will be competing in the IPSHA Co-education Swimming Carnival at Newman College. I'm sure all our competitors will make us proud on the day!

Year 4 : Jacinta Douglas, Tiffany Bosonac, Eloise Tranquille, Tayleah Dorrington, Zachary Morphett, Harry Martin, William Parker, Luke McLernon, Conny Janssen, Ashleigh Paramor, Charles McGurgan, Tayla Matera, Lulani Wheeler & Finn Martin

Year 5 : Sienna Carroll, Madeleine Northover, Emily Barbour, Elizabeth Edwards, Patrick Eastwood, Ben Mignacca, Thomas King, Alex Petsos, Jasmine Slatter, Charles Hodge, Marie-Claire Hickling, Marshall Lalor & Lawrence McNeilly

Year 6 : Shenae Baker, Helena Phillips, Benjamin Fletcher, Stella Morgan, Anna Peachey, Lily Johnson, Landon Britz, Judd MacDougall, Zac Skerratt, Luca Matthews, Jack Chapman, Thomas Morrissey, Holly Martin & Hayden Bishop

I look forward to seeing many families at the Easter Family Picnic on Saturday.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of School

On Tuesday, March 15, a team of seven Year Six students participated in the West Coast Futsal School Titles held at Kingsway Indoor Stadium.

Having participated in this tournament last year with great success, the students were motivated to return with a clean sweep. The John XXIII College team, Mark Bauersachs, Rory Betts, Joel Garces, Dominic Korn, Kai Jahn, Judd Macdougall and Luca Matthews, played 5 matches against other school teams in the under 12s category and came away with 5 wins.

The grand final proved to be our most challenging game to date, versing a highly skilled team from the International School of Western Australia. Our 3-2 victory had parents and officials on the edge of their seats, and even had the tournament coordinator, Mr Greg Farrell, commenting on the incredible quality of the two sides.

I would like to thank the John XXIII College team who displayed exceptional talent on the court and fantastic behaviour behind the scenes. Their passion and dedication to the game is evident through their commitment to training sessions and other tournament preparations.

Many thanks to the parents for their help in preparing the students for this tournament, and to John Alderman for organising the college soccer shirts.

Talea Graves
Year 6 Teacher