Congratulations to the 16 teams that made finals. This is a fantastic effort by the club.

Elimination Final: loser eliminated from finals


DIV 1 MLC v JTC Diamond at 4pm Court 23

DIV 4 City Beach v JTC Gold at 2:30pm Court 39

DIV 5 City Beach v JTC Silver at 4pm Court 37

DIV 7 JTC Sapphire v Storm at 4pm Court 25

DIV 10 JTC Emerald v Newman at 1pm Court 42

DIV 18 Mosman Park v JTC Ruby at 1pm Court 37


DIV 9 Perth College v JTC Topaz at 11:30am Court 44

Qualifying Final: winner to progress through to grand final


DIV 9 Classics v JTC Tiger Eye at 1pm Court 1

DIV 13 JTC Amethyst v JTC Quartz at 1pm Court 48

DIV 15 JTC Crystal v Aranmore Jets at 1pm Court 27


DIV 4 JTC Garnet v Classics at 11:30am Court 32

DIV 5 Mercedes v JTC Amber at 11:30am Court 7

DIV 11 JTC Citrine v MLC at 10:15am Court 22

DIV 16 JTC Zirconia v Woodlands at 10:15am Court 4

DIV 18 West Coasters v JTC Peridot at 10:15am Court 25

A reminder to all players that you are expected to warm up as a team 30 minutes prior to your game starting. There will be plenty of available courts on Saturday, so if you are a shooter come down early to practice!

We would love to see as much support for our John XXIII College teams as possible, so please come down dressed in yellow and blue and cheer on the girls!

Best of luck to our Diamond, Gold and Silver teams this weekend. This could potentially be the year 12 girls last game for the netball club. So get down and show them your support.

Good luck to all teams. GO JTC

Alisha Allen

Netball Coordinator