Primary Philosothon

Auguste Rodin
Adam 1870-1874
bronze {cast 1974}
198 x 74 x 82 cm
State Art Collection, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Purchased with the assistance of the Government of Western Australia and donations from the Friends of the Art Gallery, Messrs R.C. Crebbins, G. Summerhayes, M. Saunders and the public, 1977.

Over the long weekend I spent time in the Art Gallery of Western Australia selecting the works for the Primary Philosothon. This year it takes place on 20 June. We have full capacity, with 70 gifted students from Years 5 and 6 attending. This year the philosophical focus shifts from aesthetics to Foucauldian philosophical considerations. Students will ponder the relationship between human beings and power. We are very fortunate that the Gallery has an exciting new exhibition, Animal Ark, that Philosothon students will be able to spend time with.

Our normal Magis activities have continued during the examination period. On Friday during Philosophy Club, students began preparations for the Hale School Philosothon. The questions are available on-line for students to discuss. We hope to send a team to this wonderful opportunity for gifted students. While we compete with students who study Philosophy as WACE subjects, our students find it a rewarding challenge. Preparation for TOM has also begun. Interested students should contact Stuart Massey in Learning Enrichment.


The Library has again been busy all week as upper secondary students working hard preparing for examinations. Many students have been here after school, staying until 6pm. We will offer these hours again for examinations later this year. We are also planning some intense workshops in various learning areas for students.

New books are on display in the entrance to the Library. There is also a display of books for students interested in the World Cup. We are processing more new books, including an interesting new text on astronomy. Members of the Magis Astronomy Club are encouraged to pop in to borrow.