Biological Science

Wednesday March 4 saw the Year 12 Stage 3 Biological Science students on excursion at the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre where they took part in a range of activities focusing on fisheries science and the aquatic environment. The programs that the students were involved in were based on current scientific methodology and data collection and are supported by the Department of Fisheries Research Division.

The activities the students were involved in were "Fishing for Sustainability", "A plethora of Plankton" and the "Science of Sampling". In these programs the students tried their hands at "dry fishing" to observe the effects of fishing pressures on fish stocks, and how management and science play a role in conservation. The Science of Sampling saw the students carrying out a range of sampling techniques used by fisheries scientists. They had to opportunity to weigh and measure "abalone', sample for juvenile stages of western rock lobsters, and examine underwater video footage at different depths of the Ocean near the Perth canyon. Finally the students learnt how plankton samples are collected by conducting their own plankton tows, and then attempted to classify the plankton that they collected using the stereomicroscopes in the learning laboratory.

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Dr Amanda Webb
Science Teacher