This week we ran a workshop for gifted Year 11 students. The workshop, facilitated with Jessica Harlond Kenny, was designed to challenge students in terms of problem solving and creative thinking. Over two days the students worked intensely to develop an awareness of how to collaborate with their peers and ways in which to present their ideas. Part of their challenge was to make very large creatures, or puppets. We were very lucky to have Professor Jon Tarry from UWA spend some time with the students to assist in their making processes.hula.jpg

At the completion of the workshop the students presented their creatures, putting them through their paces with an appropriate soundscape. Research shows that the best way to extend gifted older students is through collaborative creative projects. While some of the students were a little bemused by the idea of constructing giant puppets, they quickly realised how challenging the task was. They all worked hard to produce two very dynamic puppets. Each puppet was made of large parts that required communication and planning to animate. One student wrote to me saying:
"I enjoyed working in a group and in a relaxed environment. I appreciated the different tips for studying such as focusing methods and stretches. The course was often challenging. Again, thank you for organising and providing us with this experience!"

fish.jpg kites.jpg

Next week I am running a workshop for gifted Year 8 students. Students from Corpus Christi and Newman Colleges will join our students to learn about ethics and genetics. I am delighted to have our expert Dr Amanda Webb working with me on this project.

Dr Annette Pedersen - Magis & Ignatius Centre Coordinator