Year 7 Transition

Helping our young students manage and learn skills relating to their world full of technology continues to be one of the priorities in our pastoral care and in the planning for our Computer Literacy Life Skills lessons. In these Computer Literacy classes every student has been constructing their own website. Their task sheet asks them to:

Please ask your sons and daughters to show you their full task sheet and website construction knowing that more work will be built into these websites. They are building a very strong resource to reinforce key messages for safe use that will build a good digital reputation.

I urge you to view the recommended readings provided on the College website at:

As students grapple with the peer pressure of wanting to be part of social networks please refer to the parent guides available on line for guidance in appropriate ages for these apps and programs to be used.

In and around E Block:

It is wonderful to include reports from our students. Thank you to our student teacher, Miss Speelman for prompting our Media Leaders to report on highlights of the week.

Remy Gordon

The Year 7's have had a very exciting week this week. On Tuesday 26 August we had to do flag belt (which is touch rugby with flag belts). On Wednesday 27 August we had a very interesting writer come to visit JTC and talk about books (as it was Book Week last week). His name was James Roy. He has many different books including: Billy Mack's War; Captain Mack; Anonymity Jones; Almost Wednesday; and many more. He spoke to the students about how he became a writer; about his life; ideas he saw on the street; and his inspirations. The students of Year 7 found his stories funny and inspirational. Finally, best of luck to all of the JTC netball teams who have done so well this season, particularly all of those who have made it to the semi finals!

Rosie McGurk

This week in Year 7 we have done so much. One of the best things we have done is watch Narnia. We have a test coming up on Monday about it though. We just had JTC Day which was super fun, all the Houses ran really entertaining stalls. Also currently we are playing Interhouse Rugby, that's mostly for the boys but may the best house win!

Harrison McNeilly

This week we have been learning about The Chronicles of Narnia in English and we even got to watch the film, it is great fun. In Science we have just started Physics and we have already done an experiment which was really good fun as well. In Health and Physical Education we did Floorball at Revolution Sports which was the most fun I have ever had at school. In Maths we have done decimals, which has been hard but fun to do.

Isabella Morrison

This term we are fortunate to have a prac teacher join us named Ms Speelman. Ms Speelman is very enjoyable to have in our classroom and we think she is going to make an amazing teacher in the future.

We wish Ms Speelman good luck and hope you have a great rest of the term with the best Year 7 class (7.4) at John XXIII.

Our students are happy at work.

Mrs Sue Benson
Assistant Deputy Principal: Year 7