Seed2Tree 2013 Excursion 2013

30 Students and 3 teachers from John XXIII College will be attending an overnight excursion to the Wheat belt in week 3 of term 3. Students will be working in the rain and mud to plant up to 5,000 native trees. The Seed2Tree program is run by the Hotrock organisation.

Seed2Tree immerses students in nature through native seedling germination and planting program. It takes them through the journey of growing their own native seeds and then planting them in degraded farmland. Students gain local indigenous knowledge and participate in the process of restoring local ecosystems.

They gain a sense of place within the local environment and come to realise that they are a part of the solution. This program is supported by resources that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

More information on Seed2Tree next term…

Plastic Free July

John XXIII College are taking part in Plastic Free July. Starting today, every Friday in July will be a Plastic Free Friday.

Encourage your friends and family to all get involved. Let's all embrace the challenge for Plastic Free July!

The Challenge

The challenge is quite simple. Attempt to consume no single-use plastic during July (on Fridays at least!)

"Single-use" includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging... basically anything that's intended only to be used once and then sent to landfill. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting this time, try the TOP 4 challenge… straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles &coffee cup lids.

Why we should participate

Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. Do your part to make a change. Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.

For more information and tips on how to achieve best results in this challenge please see the PFJ website,

If can contribute some sustainable ideas or suggestions for the College please feel free to email me

Let's work together to make a noticeable improvement in the area of sustainability at John XXIII College.

Linda Reilly (Kiernan)
Sustainability Coordinator