Rowing Club President Report

Rowing is a sport that requires fluid yet disciplined teamwork and last Saturday we saw it come to life both on and off the river. While the girls were punching above their weight on the water against the larger IGSSA school teams, the JTC rowing community came together to deliver a well run, first class regatta. The feedback from IGSSA themselves was how well organised and professional the event was run and what a great atmosphere it had.

This wasn't by accident of course. It started with our wonderful regatta leaders Angela and Geoff Knight. They know rowing regattas like the back of their hand and inspire the rest of us with the effort they put in. However, just as it is impossible to get an eight out of the water and into the shed with two people, it is impossible for Angela and Geoff to run the event on their own. This is where the JTC rowing community came in.

For those who weren't there, inside the clubroom was a vast array of cupcakes and several Nespresso machines working their magic. Outside we had a fully stocked cake stall - everything from orange poppyseed to chocolate mud cakes and even a couple of pink pigs! The barbeque was churning out perfectly cooked sausages and bacon and egg burgers. In between these two stalwarts of the regatta, Laurent and Sarah Pondevie gave us a special 'JTC Exclusive' treat of waffles, made to an old family recipe and cooked in traditional waffle equipment with cream, maple syrup and chocolate sauce all included.

There were so many people involved in making this happen. All of the food and beverages were cooked, prepared and sold by someone from the JTC community. Even the Nespresso machines were provided by parents for use at the regatta. Every contribution was valuable for the success of the day and I cannot say thank you enough to every parent involved.

But it wasn't just the parents. There were others who came and provided service - the boys! Being an IGGSA regatta the boys had no opportunity to row but they were asked to come and help and come and help they did. From helping with the race starts, to helping clean the boats, to whatever Dean needed them to do, it was great to have the boys there, not separately but integrated into the teamwork of a successful regatta.

Speaking of Dean, as our rowing coordinator his job can be a handful and on regatta day he has to make sure the crews get to the start line on time, which if you stop to watch can be a logistical nightmare. Yet, as usual he kept it all on track and combined with our wonderful coaches Maddie and Courtney, helped guide our girls to a successful regatta out on the water.

Finally, the strength of our rowing community is founded by the support of the school. Firstly, thank you to Andrew Watson for representing the school at the regatta (and in an interesting twist, helping us find a fantastic race caller for the day) and acknowledging the efforts of all those involved. Secondly, it is impossible to think of a successful rowing regatta without also thinking of Wayne Burke. His passion, not only for rowing and for the school, but for making sure everything is done well. Nothing is half done when Wayne is around and his efforts from start to finish were amazing. Thank you Wayne.

This was a masterclass in teamwork and community spirit. Congratulations and thank you to everyone.

And whoever was responsible for the weather, the biggest thank you of all - it was perfect!

Marc Diffen
Rowing Club President

Regatta Report

To those of you who missed it, the John XXIII rowing community hosted the IGGSA regatta at Canning Bridge on the weekend and put on a spectacular show. Thank You to all who baked the delicious treats that were sold on the day, we were able to raise a significant amount that will go towards our rowing club. Congratulation to all the girls who participated in the regatta, we achieved some wonderful results.

We had the senior quad coming 6th, Leesha Green one of our senior rowers coming second in her skull, the year nine quad in 5th position, Claire Knight coming 1st in her skull, Sophie Minisale coming 2nd in her skull, the Year 10 A quad coming 5th, the Year 10 B quad coming 6th, Enyana Reynolds coming 2nd in her skull and finally Arabelle O'Rourke coming 1st in her skull. We hope to see all of our friends and family next week, at the second all schools regatta which will be an all day event held at Champion Lakes.

Rhiaan Richards and Ellie Weber
Captain and Vice Captain of Boats

IGSSA Thank you

Dear Dean and Geoff

I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did in coordinating the JTC Host Regatta on the weekend.

We were blessed with incredible weather and you were incredibly organised and professional. Your Rowing support Group parents and students did a fantastic job, providing great morning teas and creating a great atmosphere on the day. The umpires and results people were very appreciative of being so well looked after.

Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to the Friends of Rowing Group and to all the parents who worked tirelessly leading up to and on the day. I hope it was a financially successful day for your Rowing Support group!

Kind Regards

Louise Carson
IGSSA Executive Officer