Year 8 News

Year 8 students deserve a huge round of applause for their positive attitude and involvement in the life of the College. Yesterday at our assembly we witnessed each of the Homeroom leaders taking an active role in running the assembly. It was a pleasure meeting and planning the assembly with them last week to ensure we covered important aspects that they thought needed to be addressed. Our focus was on the positive achievements of our year group.

The assembly always commences with a prayer, this was prepared by Loreto homeroom. This prayer was based around the life of Helen Keller and reminded us about being positive for the things we have. Helen Keller was blind and deaf. Only when she was aged six did she learn to speak. Slowly, with the help of others, she transformed what was negative in her life, and lived more fully than many people.

'I thank you for all that has been positive in my life. I ask that I may live in such a way that I may learn from whatever I may findis negative and hurtful in my life.'

As always we include the hymn 'Come Walk in the Light' at our assemblies. This song gives us a strong message about our Ignatian tradition. I've included the chorus for you to reflect on with your children.

'We are called to act with justice.
We are called to love tenderly.
We are called to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.'

Religion becomes alive and real for our students when they are able to connect it to justice and the environment. They can see the positives that come from such actions. So in this time of questioning and wondering what is religion all about, these words are fitting and remind students to be people for others. The Year 8s were also reminded about their Service Learning that they need to complete by October. Service hours are about volunteer work and making a difference.

Our assembly also acknowledged a number of students who were involved in tree planting up around the labyrinth area. These students gave up their own time to assist to make this new area one of tranquillity and reflection.

An initiative from our leaders group was to acknowledge students who have been positive role models in the Homeroom throughout semester one. The leaders and their homeroom teacher discussed and nominated students for this award. The criteria looked at students who were: well groomed, punctual to class, involved in and showed initiative in the Homeroom, involved in inter-house activities either as a participant or spectator or other reasons the team decided upon. There were two students from each homeroom and we selected one overall Year 8 student.

The following students were our recipients of the Positive Homeroom Awards:

Lachlan Bywater
Lavinia Tran

Jamie Cannon
Lewis Incerti

Eloise Levy
Alistair Laing

Maddy Ferraro
Josh Testrow

St Louis
Cleo Meink
Alex Kirwan

Bryanna Paterson
Ethan O'Loughlin

Our overall Year 8 Positive Award went to:
Lucia McMahon from Ward Homeroom

Congratulations to all these students who have made a wonderful impression in their Homerooms.I hope that students left the assembly with a sense of achievement and a positive attitude towards their peers and studies. Next week the Year 8s are involved in a Retreat/ Pastoral days on Monday and Tuesday. These are compulsory days and all students should be here at school. They have been asked to come with an open mind and a willingness to be involved and grow from the experiences. The days involve 2 programs. Program A will see 3 Homerooms involved in the Retreat experience with the NET team (National Evangelisation Team). This team is made up of a group of young men and women who dedicated their time to working with young students. Program B will have 3 Homeroom groups covering a range of pastoral activities. Session 1 will cover cyber issues and responsibility. Session 2 will include a physical activity to get the body exercising and moving. We will also have the opportunity to stop, reflect and participate in a reconciliation liturgy. Then the last session will be on 'What is your learning style?' how do we use this, organisational skills and planning. Students will get to do both programs over the two days. We hope these programs will help develop young boys and girls who respect one another, take responsibility for their actions, their learning and are resilient and can get back up and move forward learning from their experiences.

Stay tune for more news from the Year 8 cohort.

Gemma Wooltorton - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 8