February has been a challenge for the Sustainability Club to get outside and active in the garden. We have spent the last few weeks discussing plans for the year, creating a Sustainability Week and entering the Ecochallenge. Last week the weather gave us the chance to get out into the garden and do some well needed maintenance. It is rewarding to see so many students getting involved in Sustainability at the school. Watch this space for upcoming details of activities the students will be involved in throughout the year.

Clean Up Australia Day is next week. There is still time to register at

How well do you know your water meter? If the numbers on your meter are turning while there's no water being used in your home, you could have a leak. Just one dripping tap can waste up to 2,000 litres a month. Also regularly check that your hot water system is set to a temperature no higher than 60°C to save energy and prevent burns and scalds.

Marine and Maritime Studies
On Wednesday 2 March, students studying Marine and Maritime Studies went to the Challenger Institute of Technology in Fremantle to visit the Aquaculture Centre. Students were given a guided tour by Amber Evans and were privileged to see the large research tanks where yellow fin kingfish were being studied to see what the optimum food content was to maximise growth.

Further into the facility, students were shown tanks where snapper, barramundi and groper were being studied and on into the barramundi hatchery. In the hatchery, students were shown how the grading of fish size was carried out, the growth systems of algae and brine shrimp, needed to feed the smallest hatchlings, and the innovative transport systems used to transport hundreds of thousands of the small barramundi to Broome.

Neil van Herk - Sustainability Coordinator

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