Year 7 News

Deacon Aaron Peters - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7

As the school year progresses we are continuing to experience a number of firsts in Year 7. On Monday afternoon, our NAS teams competed for the first time against Chisholm College. In terms of results we had a mixed bag, although with a very positive overall result. Above all, the students involved all had a wonderful time and I was very pleased to hear about the high degree of sportsmanship displayed by all students. Next week, NAS will be held on Friday afternoon during school time. This is an attempt to provide opportunities for all students to participate in physical activities. NAS teams will complete against Servite College in the normal manner while the rest of Year 7 will be involved in an alternative programme of games and activities.


Another first has been the launch of Magis. Magis is the Latin word meaning "more; to a greater extent," and is one of the core principles of an Ignatian education. This program is designed to challenge some of our academically gifted students to achieve at their highest level. This week 29 students began an initial stage of literacy and numeracy extension. This will move into student centred research into various topics throughout the rest of the academic year.

This week I had the great please of reading many student applications for House leadership positions. Students who have submitted applications will be given the opportunity to speak to their classmates on Friday as part of the House Day, after which classes will elect their House Leaders for 2017. All students who have applied must be congratulated; the calibre of applications was amazing. Students selected as House Leaders will join the Years 8 and 9 leaders next Thursday for a training day facilitated by GRIP leadership.

On a spiritual note we celebrated a wonderful Ash Wednesday service this week. Students and staff were reminded of God's presence in our lives empowering us to be all that we were created to be. We also committed to making a difference in the world through our actions and by supporting the work of Caritas by donating to Project Compassion.

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