Year 7 News


Many activities are organised across the year for Year 7 students providing appropriately challenging enrichment and extension experiences and support for all students, particularly gifted and talented students.

Last week a group of students from Years 7, 8 and 9 attended the Academy Conferences, Junior Gifted and Talented Day for students in Years 7 to 9. Year 7 students who represented John XXIII College were: Matthew Steinepreis, Henry Seah, Jasmin Collins and Ben Leclezio.


Please enjoy the student reflections on the experience:

I went to the gifted and talented study day at Wesley College on the 26th of August. We got the opportunity to engage in discussion with other students and talk about philosophical and ethical issues. After getting off the bus and being joined by some other year 7s, 8s and 9s we were taken to a lecture theatre were we met a lady who had experience in lecturing uni students. When the other schools arrived we discussed the topic 'life after death' and watched a video about a true near death experience. Personally, I found this part of the day very interesting as there was a lot of interesting questions and factual information brought up that I had never really thought about. After recess, we then got put in groups with other people from different schools and after introducing ourselves, we discussed 'what makes you, you?' We answered some very 'deep,' philosophical questions such as, if you lost your memory would you still be you? After lunch we came together and were introduced to human engineering which was my favourite part, we were told some interesting debates going on in the world and learnt about the human body and DNA. Lastly, we had a debate about wether free will is an illusion or not, the special speaker and one of her colleagues showed the 2 different sides to the debate by retelling some cool story's. Personally I agreed that free will is and illusion. Finally, we got the chance to debate the topic. My experience at Wesley College was one of the most interesting excursions yet, I learnt a lot, got to share my ideas with other students and make my brain really think. I am so glad I was able to come!
By Jasmin Collins (Year 7)

The Philosophy day was very interesting and enjoyable. I loved the experience of meeting people from different schools and sharing our ideas on a topic. Our lecture was entertaining and helped us learn and think in different ways. This opportunity for the John XXIII College students was great fun. The Philosophy day helped us expand our minds in a new way and was a great day.
By Matthew Steinepreis (Year 7)

Tour de France

Who would have thought we would have the fiercely competitive Tour de France racing around the College netball courts. On Tuesday all students cheered along 'their' country as competitors cycled around the course peddling their 3 wheeler bikes as fast as they could. Spectators supported the home their Language studied in class: Japan, Italy or France.
Thank you to the Language team for hosting this entertaining event in Language Week.

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Book Week: Author-in-Residence

The love of reading and writing was affirmed when our students had the opportunity to listen to the Author-in-Residence, AJ Betts.

When asked what they thought of the workshop, students responded with:
Grace… explained and sold her books well.
Julian… really liked the concept of Zac and Mia.
Siobhan …engaged the audience very nicely. Fun to listen to her life experiences and how she got into writing.
Zachary …she told us how she got ideas for her books.
Luca...quite inspiring.
Mia...brilliant. I've read the story and found it really touching to hear how she came up with the idea.
James... it was very interesting, quite funny and kept me interested all the time.


Sue Benson - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7