The start of September not only heralds the start of spring, but the College also held Languages Week (1-5 September). We acknowledge the rich diversity of students with different ethnic and linguistic backgrounds in our community and, in particular, we celebrate our own successful Language Program. It is often through sharing food, playing traditional games and sports, storytelling, music, art and craft that we engage our students and connect with the people and languages of France, Italy and Japan.

Our Primary students in Japanese continued learning about the festivals and major events in Japan and used their artistic skills in a poster competition. The Year 7 and Year 8 students had a wonderful time at the Tour de France trike event with many cyclists dressing up in their country colours, whilst spectators cheered in their respective languages. The Year 9 and Year 10 students tried their hands at traditional games. Playing petanque from France, traditional "carte" from Italy and "kendama" or "take tonbo" from Japan. Meanwhile our Year 11 and Year 12 students focused on their speaking skills by telling stories over a cup of green tea or café au lait. The staff all celebrated Languages Week by having a small taster from each nation with croissant from France, pizza from Italy and sushi from Japan.

The Language Team were in full swing in this first week of spring! Many thanks to Ms Desa Lucas, Ms Carmelina Grassi, Ms Terri Ingleton, Ms Melissa Polizzi and Ms Elena Rowson for all their time, energy and effort and for making Languages Week a truly fitting reward for all our hard working Language students.