Year 12 News

Congratulations to all the Year 12s on a wonderful first semester. We are two thirds of the way through of this final year of secondary education. It has been a very busy semester with students participating enthusiastically and positively in academic pursuits such as: Magis activities including the senior school Philosothon, Mock Trials, Ignatian debating conference which starts this weekend, to name a few; Sporting activities including school interhouse netball, volleyball, cross-country, swimming, inter-school competitions such as NAS, and individuals in state and national level competitions; Performing Arts including the Musical, eisteddfod, soirees, and interhouse theatre sport competition; Spiritual activities including Manresa, House masses, Year level mass; These are only a few of the activities that have been on offer for our students to get involved in and challenge themselves to go out of their comfort zones.

The SRC has been busy with a variety of activities that they participate in and coordinate throughout the College. They have worked well as a team and are learning to balance their commitments and responsibilities as a leader. I hope you enjoy their report in this newsletter. It is a real privilege to work with such wonderful young leaders who are keen to make a difference in the college community.

Andrew Watson and I have been meeting with small groups of Year 12s over morning tea a couple of mornings a week to chat with them about life at John XXIII College. Students have shared their memorable experiences as an individual, school and year group. Students have provided insightful ideas for changes they think we need to consider. We will continue to meet with students next term so as to give every student an opportunity to share with us.

First semester reports have been signed and collated. It was good to read all the reports and see the progress that students have made throughout the semester. Today at our assembly we acknowledged students who had achieved 100% for the Key Performance Indicators. These are the attributes that a student controls in terms of their work ethic and attitude to the course. Other awards were for attainment or achievement in courses. It was wonderful to acknowledge so many students who had received acknowledgement for their hard work. There is of course room for improvement for some students. It is important that by the end of semester two all students have managed to achieve at least a C grade in their courses.

A reminder to the Year 12s it is important to take a break and rest and rejuvenate for their downhill run to the end of their secondary schooling. However, those studying ATAR courses would benefit from having a study plan, getting their revision notes in order for their final exams, doing some added reading for their courses to develop depth and practicing past papers. Have a safe and enjoyable break.

Gemma Wooltorton
Assistant Deputy Principal Year 12

SRC Report

From the SRC Executive
Semester One has been a very busy and eventful time for the SRC. As seen in the following articles a lot has been achieved throughout Term 1 and 2. SRC members are happy to support student issues and initiatives to build a positive College community.

Faith and Justice

Our efforts in term one were centred on Lenten celebration, Easter, and fundraising for Caritas. This involved working with our portfolio to arrange liturgies for individual year groups and the whole school, as well as Pancake Tuesday, and Lunchtime busking from students and teachers to raise money. Term 2 so far has been focused on raising money for the Lifelink Appeal. As part of this we have organised guest speakers from Shopfront for the Year 11 cohort to raise awareness for the cause, as well as fundraisers such as the crazy tie/scarf day and Coinlink. We have also been involved in Pilgrimage fundraising activities to assist this year's pilgrims.

Jade Bevan and Paul Stobie - Faith and Justice Captains


As the 2014 sport captains we have been very busy this semester. There have been a few major carnivals that we have spoken at, frightening! Namely, the Swimming Carnival and the Cross Country Carnival. We have also been responsible for the organisation and running of the house netball and volleyball alongside Ms Power and Mr Tremayne. This has involved organizing umpires, fixtures and attending the lunchtime games. Coming up in Semester Two we have one more major carnival, the Athletics Kevin King Cup.

We have also the pleasure of working with many students from younger years. It has made our job as sports captain much easier and brought many different perspectives to the job at hand.

Eleanor Weber and Jack Lee - Sport Captains


This year the Music department has been off to a great start. From the 21st annual school musical 'Wonderful Town' to Music Recitals, Open Day, the Eisteddfod and the Autumn Soiree, there has never been a dull moment. The talented music students of this College take great pride in performing in front of peers, family and teachers. I myself have found that many students, as well as our lovely conductors are very dedicated to either their instrument, band or choir and this shows through the excellent performances that are implemented every year. I have been very proud to compere at Recitals and the Soiree this year, and I am constantly blown away with the exceptional talent that John XXIII College has to offer. I look forward to also compering at 'Jazz at the Ellington', which is on the 4th of August at 6:30, located at the Ellington Jazz Club. I'm sure it will be a very successful night, filled with entertainment and talent.

Lauren Fish - Music Captain


It has been a very exciting and entertaining Semester in the drama department. Firstly there was the school musical production of 'Wonderful Town', which was a huge success. Mr Tsak, Mrs Strong, Mrs Owen, and all the cast and crew faced the challenge of rehearsing and preparing almost every day of the week during Term One, spending copious numbers of hours designing the set, polishing and refining all the scenes and choreography. However it certainly paid off in the end because, as usual, the acting singing and dancing was of high quality. The set and costumes looked fabulous and there were large numbers of people who came to see the show, all seemed to thoroughly enjoy it! So thank you again to all those involved it was truly a 'wonderful' performance!

The next event on the Drama calendar was the House 'Theatre Sports'. Each House was represented by 4 Year 11/12 drama students, who were willing to take part in a series of improvisation games in front of a live audience. The audience was very supportive, which gave the teams a confidence boost to confidently improvise when it was their turn to get up on stage. The show was very entertaining and filled with energy, thank you to the teams who participated. Also a massive thanks to Mr Tsak and the coordinators Michael and Poppin for organising such an exciting event.

Christabel Cole - Drama Captain


My task this Semester has been extremely busy. As Events Captain, I have successfully organised and attended three social events including the Year 12 Ball, the Year 11 Dinner Dance and the Year 10 River cruise. Both the Ball and the Supper Dance were inspired by 'A Night in New York'. They were both great successes and were definitely enjoyed by the students in the Yr 12 and 11 cohorts. The River cruise was enjoyed likewise, themed 'Black and White'. Semester 2 will involve preparing and organising the younger year socials. I'll be involving the members within my portfolio group to decide on themes and plan other requirements for the night. I am thoroughly looking forward to working and enjoying the night with these students.

Paige Lynch - Events Captain

Visual Arts

It has been a very busy first Semester as arts captain as I held a lot of responsibility in designing the Leaver's Jacket for the 2014 Yr 12s. The homeroom art challenge was very successful, this year incorporating 3D artwork submissions. The artwork received by the arts department was innovative and creative. I've also been busy with the organisation of a completion to determine next year's School diary cover, to be held in Term 3. With the official canonisation of Saint Pope John XXIII, a design for a commemorative pin is also underway for John XXIII Day.

Emily Sanders - Visual Arts Captain


So far my role as media captain has been packed with meetings in which we discuss up coming events. This includes meetings with Media Club, the SRC and my media portfolio group. Our first task was the Open Day presentation. The idea was to portray the school's sense of community, its learning areas and its fantastic grounds. The presentation involved time lapses and slide shows which were to show the viewer a quick snippet that would allow them to relate and "soak in" the greatness of John XXIII College. While that was my one main task for the Semester, Semester 2 contains harder and more of them. The first task that will be tackled is the Year 12 Walkthrough video. After numerous meetings, emails and cancelations it was decided to be a picnic at the start of semester 2, at which the Year 12s would be asked questions like "describe your Year 12 experience in one word" or "what you remember form this year (fondest memory). Another task is the 2014 SRC video. A lot of time and effort has been put in to coming up with the theme, ideas and plot of the whole film. The whole SRC has laboured on getting the best ideas in order to include the whole SRC and the whole school. My main role in this is the filming and editing. The last task of Semester 2 (that will be completed during these holidays) is the Baby Photos presentation. This is what is shown at Valete to the parents and students of Year 12. It isn't the most challenging task, but it's one of the most time consuming, since it involves large amounts of time spent on "timing fines" and coordination with the music.

Markos Konstantopuolos-Rigney - Multi Media Captain


It has been an exciting Semester for the sustainability portfolio and the many faculty members who helped make our projects possible. As a team we have brought in the new sustainability notice board and sustainability competitions such as the Year 7 poster competition. We also planted a new line of trees along the school's eastern car park with over 60 secondary students volunteering their lunch times to get involved. We have also started work on my main initiative for the year, a three way sustainable food and paper waste (the schools two main waste sources); with a trial green waste bin in the canteen and more on the way as students grow familiar with the new practice. In the next semester we plan to develop a sustainable fertiliser supply via worm farms that will then be used to fertilise the school's garden beds. The sustainability portfolio and I are very excited to resume work in the next Semester and hope to continue making positive changes to the College's environmental policy and practices before the year is out.

Sascha Seabourne-Carlin - Sustainability Captain


This past Semester has been very busy for the Magis department of John XXIII College. The Magis clubs have returned this year with full force, with Media club and Magimation club having joined together this year. The College offers such clubs as chess club, philosophy club, Lego club to name a few. The school also offers various programs as an opportunity for students to extend themselves, which have commenced this semester. Such a program was the Primary Philosothon at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, held on the 20th of June, where 83 students from 14 different schools met and discussed their thoughts in regards to a pre-given question. Another such event was the Magis Carnival hosted by John XXIII College on the 26th of June. Here 40 Year 11 and 12 students from five different schools, met in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre and discussed answer to philosophical questions, such as "Does space and time depend on us to exist?"

Other programs include the G.A.T.E or Gifted And Talented Education program for Year sevens. This is new to the College and only began this year. The students selected for this program are very intelligent and are given an opportunity to extend themselves, academically and otherwise. Where each term they are given a topic and expected to create a presentation centred on this subject, and the students are also encouraged to enter competitions, such as the Science Talent Search. This program caters to all disciplines and offers the student a way to challenge themselves.

Another program this term was Mock Trials, where only students from Year 10 to 12 are allowed to participate and these students partake in mock Supreme Court cases. They have participated in three trials, against Perth College and Willetton, whom unfortunately they were defeated by, and against Mandurah Baptist College where took home a win.

Next term, Tournament of Minds will start and this is a chance for students from Years 7 to 10, to develop quick thinking, public speaking and improvisation skills in an enjoyable manner. Also during the July holidays the College is sending a team of four students and a facilitating teacher to the Jesuit Debating Carnival, where they will go up against Jesuit schools in Eastern Australia.

Mariah Mwipatayi - Magis Scholar

As Campion House Captains we have conducted many activities with the massive help of Mrs Brennan-Poland, including having a lapathon to raise money for Caritas, coming up with activities for House assemblies including a Quiz, Dodge Ball and team activities. Jake and I both went on Id Quod Volo to share some leadership qualities with the Year 11s. A big part of our work has been to encourage House participation through House carnivals and interhouse lunchtime sport. As House Captains we convey messages from the SRC to our homeroom ensuring students are aware of issues. We have many plans for our last term at JTC. This includes getting younger year groups involved more in activities, hopefully win the Athletics carnival with greater involvement, obtain more engagement in House assemblies and integrate younger years in the stalls for JTC day.

India Flint and Jacob Broderick, Campion House Captains

Campion House

So far this year we have participated in house sports and hosted various quizzes within our own house. The Year 8s, 9s, and 10s have also been to visit the primary classes to help out with them, the Year 7s and 12s have made various war cries for the athletics carnival, and the Year 11s visited the Ronald McDonald House as well as Swanview Primary school for Id Quad Volo. Kooly also won the swimming and cross country carnival, which were both great achievements and a lot of fun. Next semester, we plan to have increased participation in house sport, have enjoyable and creative stalls at John XXIII Day and hopefully take out the athletics carnival. It has been a great year for Kooly so far and hopefully will continue to be.

Emily Reithmuller and Declan Foley, Koolyangarra House Captains

Koolyangarra House

This semester the Loreto House captains, along with Mr Haines (the Loreto House coordinator) have been busy organising activities for assemblies and extended homerooms along with working hard to increase involvement in house activities and school sports carnivals. The house leaders from each year group have also played a major part in these roles, as well as coming up with fundraisers for Majella Catholic primary school, which involved a cake stall, one day of the week for two year groups at a time. Loreto involvement has increased as the year has worn on, shown from coming second overall in the Year 11/12 house volleyball tournament at lunchtime. The house captains composed vertical groups, which involved a selection of students from different year groups in Loreto working together in groups during house activities. This was done in order to build relationships with people from other year groups within the house, which was once a part of everyday schooling life, in morning tutor groups. The house captains, along with Mr Haines feel it is important for all members of the house to interact with one another, to form a close house relationship.

Next term we hope to continue knuckling down on house involvement and coming up exciting activities for future house assemblies. We also have Loreto House day coming up in Term 3 and we are looking forward to having everyone united in our house colour, and aiming to promote attendance at the Friday morning mass the day after Loreto House day. Another thing House captains, House coordinator and House year leaders will be focusing on, is having more frequent house portfolio meetings to come up with ideas for both fundraising and ways of increasing house spirit as a whole.

Olivia Chaney and Hamish Donovan, Loreto House Captains

Loreto House

Yasmin and I have had a great mentor in Cameron Tremayne, who helps things run smoothly for us while simultaneously pushing us. So far we have conducted many house assemblies, including one in which Yasmin and I took charge of without Mr T present. Recently, we unveiled the St Ignatius Loyola statue, a huge day for both ourselves and the house. We are always motivating our house to participate in school events and, as a result, we won the spirit award in our most recent carnival, Cross Country. We also help out the Faith and Justice captains by getting around to all the homerooms and letting them know about recent programs put in place. Another important aspect contributing to House Shield points is lunchtime sport, in which we always lead by example through our participation and enthusiasm. As a house, we have succeeded winning the Term 1 Lunchtime House Volleyball.

Yasmin Sinclair and Edward Simpson, Loyola House Captains

Loyola House

As St. Louis House Captains, we have been very busy in 2014 with house events and activities. This has involved running and organizing house assemblies and extended homerooms, representing and supporting the house at sporting carnivals such as swimming and cross country, chairing meetings with other St. Louis leaders and running the St. Louis Day celebrations on Thursday, June 19th. As we enter Term 3, plans are underway for the annual St. Louis Pasta stall, which will be held on JTC Day, as well as more house assemblies and extended homerooms. We have also been busy working with the SRC on projects like the walk-through video and the SRC video. Being House Captains for St. Louis is an experience we and the other Vice Captains are thoroughly enjoying. We hope to make the most of the short time we have left in our roles as leaders of the House.

Kate Fletcher and James Connor, St. Louis House Captains

St Louis House

As the captains of Ward house one of our goals for this year was to get more students participating in the events and co-curricular activities offered by the College, such as house sports at lunch times and the sporting carnivals. In essence we tried to encourage the enjoyment of these activities, rather than concerning ourselves with the competitive outcome. At carnivals we always encourage the house to get involved and participate. As the house captains we created banners for our house, to lift house spirit and pride. Though Ward is often seen as the underdog at such events, we always strive to have the most fun, and to do our best. We believe that it is important for Ward house to come together and support each other in everything it does, and we have endeavoured to create a safe and friendly environment for all of the students in Ward. Running assemblies has been a large part of our captaincy. Here we deliver important news for the house and then conduct activities that we think the whole house will enjoy, such as games and quizzes. Our house day was very successful, with the second coming of the lunchtime flash mob, and also the assembly/mass that involved the traditional skit about Mary Ward from the Year 12's. We hope to continue to encourage the students of Ward house in the semester to come.

Katie Paull and Hamish Johnston, Ward House Captains

Ward House

Thank you to all the Student Representatives for the work you have done. Your support and enthusiasm is appreciated by the College.

Hannah Cadlolo (Head Girl), Dom Guerrera (Head Boy) and Harrison Kerr (Executive Officer)