The College has signed up for 'Plastic Free July'. Obviously much of July falls during the school holidays, so the Sustainability Committee thought they would offer some tips as to how to cut back on your use of plastic during the month of July.

Idea 1:
The most common question is..."What do I do for a bin liner without plastic bags?"

We use newspaper (and compost food scraps)...see our website

Idea 2:
Take your own container to the butcher, fishmonger, delicatessen etc. and ask them to fill it (they can zero it on scales first). Let them know you are doing it to reduce plastic and pick a quiet time.

Food storage
Store your food in glass or plastic reusable containers with a lid or even glass jars. Use a plate to cover a bowl instead of using cling wrap. Wrap cheese or herbs in an old linen tea-towel. There are also reusable food wraps available to purchase.

For more ideas click here.

Top 4 challenge
If the thought of avoiding ALL single-use plastic is too daunting some people are choosing the TOP 4 challenge: refuse plastic bags, water bottles, coffee cups and straws. Take your own bags, water bottle etc. with you. Remember to keep them in your bag or in your car so you have them with you.

Hopefully these tips have inspired you to join in the efforts to cut back on our use of plastic for at least one month of the year.

Jennifer Turpin
Humanities and Social Sciences