Secondary News

Year 9 Semester One Overview

It's been a very hectic Semester for Year 9 and the students have achieved so much in all aspects of College life. Their creativity is very evident from what has been made, performed, baked, drawn and built in the variety of electives in which the students have been engaged. The level of sport participation is extremely high and all NAS teams, Year 9 AFL, JTC Netball teams and JTC Rowing Club have been well subscribed. The variety of other co-curricular opportunities available has also proved popular with this group of Year 9's. The Rite Journey is entering into a stage where students are being challenged to stretch their boundaries. Some of these have included learning to knit with the aim of producing a warm winter rug for someone in need. Another group is endeavouring to become proficient at juggling with the hope they can perform at a school assembly. Most recently, one of the groups decided they would like to donate funds to the Butterfly Foundation which represents all people affected by eating disorders and negative body image - a person with the illness, their family and their friends. They organised to bake, promote and sell their wares at lunchtime on Monday 30th June. Their commitment and entrepreneurial skills were outstanding and in a short, 30 minute window, they raised over $500 for the foundation. This was an amazing effort. As the year proceeds we will continue to challenge the students to push their boundaries and build resilience and self-confidence. We look forward to an equally successful Semester 2 and trust all will have a well-deserved break over the July holidays.

Happy Holidays

Rod Downie
Assistant Deputy Principal, Year 9.