Around Primary

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your ongoing support and commitment to John XXIII as it really helps to contribute to the warm vibrancy of our Primary school community.

In addition, thank you for all the times this semester you have …..

  • Thanked a staff member for their efforts
  • Supported the College uniform policy by checking what your child is wearing each day
  • Packed a healthy lunch-box
  • Made sure your child is eating breakfast every morning
  • Ensured your child is getting enough sleep each night
  • Monitored TV viewing and computer/iPad usage
  • Helped in a wide variety of ways at school
  • Showed patience through the drive through

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful staff for doing their very best to meet the diverse needs of each child - socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spirituality.

Our role is to help your children grow and learn to assist them to reach their fullest potential. We also want to guide them to become resilient, faith-filled, enthusiastic and competent individuals who are ready to seek justice in our world!

Congratulations to our Primary Singers for leading the singing at the Opening Mass of Catholic Primary Principal's Association. Special thanks to Mrs Allen and Mr Johnson for preparing the choir so superbly. Thanks also to Ben Fry (College AV Manager) for all his assistance and preparation on the day.

Best wishes to John Alderman and Christine Cook who will be taking some well-deserved Long-Service Leave next term. We thank Meghann Gilmour who has kindly assisted in Mary Ward this term and also Vicki Murphy who has been doing an amazing job in Pre-Primary and also to Claire Peirce for sharing her teaching talents in Kindy.

Next term Claire Peirce will return to her teaching role in Mary Ward and Cath De Campe and Lisa Monastra will also return from Leave. We also welcome Rebecca Menzies (PE Specialist) and Debbie Bell (Kindy EA) to our Primary team for Term 3.

Congratulations to Harry Court, Benjamin Mignacca, Ben Toms, Marshall Lalor, Lawrence McNeilly, Sophie Standen and May Verleg who completed their First Reconciliation this week. Thank you to Mrs Gardner, Ms Allen and Miss Gormley for providing such a meaningful Sacramental journey for all our Year 3 students. Today our Year 4's participated in a retreat day as part of their Sacramental preparation. Special thanks to Ms O'Connor and Miss Nish for organising this beautiful day of reflection for our Frist Communicants.

We can now look forward to Term Three and wish you all the very best for a safe and fun-filled holiday with your delightful children.


Monday 21st July and Tuesday 22nd July

  • Pupil Free Days.

Wednesday 23 July

  • Children commence school

Thursday 24 July -

  • Cross Country Training - 7.30 am

Friday 25 July

  • Mass 4B
  • Pre-Kindy (Full Day)

Kind Regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary