Year 7 Transition

Important Dates for Term 2

Please note the following dates

  • Friday 27 April, period 2, ANZAC Day assembly
  • Monday 7 May, Year 7 NAS vs Newman at JTC
  • Friday 11 May, 8:00 in the Chapel, Community Mass dedicated to Mothers
  • Monday14 May, Year 7 NAS vs Chisholm at Chisholm
  • Tuesday 15 May - Friday, 18 May, NAPLAN
  • Friday 18 May, Ward House Day
  • Monday 21 May, Year 7 NAS vs Servite, at Servite
  • Friday 25 May, SSWA Cross Country for the selected team
  • Thursday 31 May, ACC Cross Country for the selected team
  • Week 7 no timetable week for Year 7sTuesday 5 June, Field Events
    • Wednesday 6 June - Friday, 7 June, Year 7 Camp at Woodman Point
    • Monday 11 June Year 7 NAS vs Sacred Heart College at JTC
    • Tuesday 19 June to Thursday, 21 June, Year 7 Three Way Interviews
    • Friday 29 June, St Louis Day
    • Tuesday 3 July End of Term for all students

Providing Challenges and Seeking to Support Student Interests

John XXIII College aims to create an environment that provides rich and varied classroom experiences for all students and utilises cocurricular opportunities in such a way that all students may have the opportunity to excel.

In Term 1, the Year 7 students were invited to participate in an interesting range of activities. These activities happened in different locations within and outside the College grounds providing students with the additional benefit of working in areas outside the usual Year 7 teaching spaces. They happened before school, at recess time, lunch time or after school and often facilitated interactions with older students. These activities were coordinated by staff from all faculties of the College and therefore providing another benefit for our students; meeting and working with a much broader range of adults.

In listing these activities that were available I am sure to miss some but the list will give you a guide of the possibilities that have existed for our students:

  • NAS (Northern Associated Schools) sports
  • Cross Country Training
  • Music lessons, groups and ensembles
  • Astronomy Club Debating
  • Science Club
  • Young Vinnies
  • Afternoon Club
  • Swimming training
  • Girls surfing
  • Math' Week activities
  • Interschool swimming
  • Maths homework help
  • Open day
  • Chess club
  • John XXIII College netball club
  • Book Reviewers

Most of these groups / club s/ activities will continue into Term 2. I urge you to ask your son/daughter which of these clubs, group, and activities he or she has been involved in or would like to join in Term 2.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year 7