Comedians Galore

Look at this great line up in Perth:

James Eaton (Class 1999), John Conway (Class 2001) and Xavier Michelides (Class 1999) are in the Perth Comedy Festival coming very soon. Also Lucy Durack (Class 1998) is staring in two shows - Musicals in Concert and Opening Doors. They are all past students of George Tsakisiris and is just testimony to the great work he is doing in the drama department. George will be attending all shows. There is no rest for the Drama Coodinator who has just finished a huge week with the College production, 'Singin' In The Rain', an outstanding success.

Alumni Jimmy James Eaton (Class 1999) is also performing in his own one man show in the Perth International Comedy Festival next week.

His show goes for four nights commencing next Wednesday 9th at the Velvet Lounge at the Flying Scotsman Hotel.

It should be said this is not your average 'stand up' gig… more of a one man play, incorporating multiple characters, mime… and a whole lot of other stuff. He got rave reviews in Melbourne.

But you'll need to book tickets (they're pretty cheap) on



Award-winning stand-up comedian, Australian Best & Fairest Improviser and co-creator of The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne brings you his solo sketch adventure… One Small Sketch For Man.

With a rapid fire of voices, characters, quips and booming man-made sound effects, Jimmy brings the funny thick and fast. His exceptional grasp on a broad range of performance skills allow him to create whole worlds on stage. Hilarious, colourful worlds.

Holding five Comedy Festival shows under his belt and the figurative medal for the quickest comic mind on the Melbourne scene, Jimmy's new show will draw you into a comedy vortex peopled by his incredible characters and spit you out weak with laughter at the other end.

"An hour of laugh out loud moments." Herald Sun 2011

Mother's Day and CINI Australia, Child In Need India.

Share your celebration of Mother's Day with a Mother in Need in India.

Help her to give her child the things that we all want for our children: health, education and a safe future.

Mother's day our opportunity to acknowledge and thank our mothers for what they have done for us; to wish new mothers courage and good luck in their mothering and to recognize grandmothers for their part in the family.

Although Mothers day can get lost in commercial hype it is still a special day when the family celebrates its mother. Maybe she gets "the day off".

Mothers are the centre of CINI's approach to helping communities in India move out of poverty. Therefore Mothers Day, is the perfect day to share our celebration of mothers in Australia with another mother in India.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be a mother and all it entails. I am grateful for the support that I received along the way and for the environment of relative comfort, abundance and opportunities for both my child and myself. I took it for granted that I could have enough to eat to ensure the growth of my baby, see a doctor in pregnancy, have a trained midwife at the birth and get healthcare and immunization for my baby.

I would wish the same for any mother, everywhere.

The cost of a cappuccino a week will support a mother in India, from early pregnancy until her child is two. Through CINI's programs she is assured of antenatal care and education, safe childbirth and follow up for her baby and herself.

You can celebrate another mother and give her a hand to help her child.

To see how to share your mothers day go to or call Jennie.

Jennie Connaughton
CINI Australia, Child In Need India

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