On Thursday this week I did a presentation at the Catholic Education Office to the Secondary Gifted and Talented Network. I discussed our Magis program with its ethos of teaching for diversity and inclusivity. We discussed enabling our identified talented students to achieve to their full potential and how we might also provide opportunities to extend all students as well as our clever students. It is part of an ethical or Ignatian approach to enable all students achieve to their potential. The delegates were very interested in the unique programs we run at John XXlll College and expressed an interest in involving their students in both the Primary Philosothons and in the Magis Carnival for gifted Year 11 and 12 students. Many also asked for copies of our programs to run at their schools and for help with developing programs. Clearly there is a great need in upper secondary for these opportunities.

Earlier this week I had a preliminary meeting with Jessica Harlond-Kenny to begin planning an extension workshop for our Year 11 students in December this year. I am looking at a program to develop speaking skills, finesse narrative techniques and creative problem solving. Jessica has extensive experience working with the WA Ballet Company and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. We plan to create a cutting edge experience for our students.

Magimation and Media Club

Students in these two groups have decided to join forces and work together. This means we can start to specialise in different areas with some students focussed on film, some on animation, some on stop motion and others on writing. The Club has taken on an exciting new direction. All students from years 7 to 12 are welcome to join. Please contact me if you have any questions.


In Term 2, as we head into examinations, the Library will stay open until 6pm for students in years 11 and 12. We will still open at 7.30am. Students need to remember they need to bring their Smartriders if they want to borrow books or photocopy and print. Any iPad problems or questions Library staff are very happy to assist.

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator