Families need to register their children to receive the Sacraments in the parish with which they identify.

Further details: College website

Or go to the drop down box at

Parish Sacramental Diary for this weekend

  • St Thomas the Apostle Claremont: Registration to be completed this coming week.

Further information: Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison


Easter is the central feast of our liturgical year. Many families will take the opportunity to participate in celebrations of the Lord's Supper, Passion and Resurrection in their parishes. The Easter vigil is rich with story and symbol - and in most parishes is early enough for children.

Easter Sunday is the third Sunday of the month this year - and families are particularly encouraged to meet up at Mass on Easter Sunday or the Saturday vigil. If you are in the parish of Holy Rosary Nedlands, Fr Joseph Sobb SJ looks forward to seeing you, and would like you to identify yourself as a John XXIII family. Similarly, in the parish of Cottesloe/Mosman Park, Fr James d'Souza and Fr Wilson Donizzetti welcome you.

For your convenience, details from some of our local parishes will be published here. Easter in Parishes


Repentance is a traditional part of our Lenten Journey, and becoming reconciled within the Church community has always been part of preparation for Easter. Parishes will be offering Reconciliation (Confession) - refer to your parish for details.


NB - 7:30 am in the Library Courtyard

What? The starting point for our liturgy next Friday, 11th April.

Why? We will bless the palms and process to the Chapel for Mass.

Who? All welcome.

Anything else?

- Year 7 and Year 12 will be preparing the Mass.

- An opportunity to see the Chapel fresco taking shape.

- The Gospel will be Matthew's account of Christ's passion in dialogue.

Won't I have all this in my parish at the weekend masses? Yes - but some people find it helpful to prepare by celebrating the liturgy on Fridays - and extending it into their parishes at the weekend. Also, for many people, it is helpful to hear the scriptures more than once.

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… is the theme of the 2014 Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas provides the following reflection on this Sunday's gospel (Matthew 25: 35).

In this Sunday's Gospel we meet Lazarus and his two sisters, Martha and Mary. They were friends of Jesus, always making him welcome in their home. The death of Lazarus in today's story moved Jesus to tears - and it brought forth Martha's acknowledgement of her faith in the power of Jesus, 'If you had been here, he would not have died.' Jesus went to the tomb and called, 'Lazarus, come forth!' The dead man responded, stumbling out of a vault, still wrapped in his funeral sheet.

We stand in awe at the power of Jesus to restore the dead to life. Jesus indeed brings the fullness of life. And Jesus commissions us to follow his example, to bring life to others, through the power of the Holy Spirit vested in us.

This week's Project Compassion story is about a First Australian woman. Six years ago, Lorraine discovered she had kidney failure and had to move to Alice Springs, 550kms away from her home community, for weekly dialysis treatment. To keep her spirit alive, Lorraine visits The Purple House, a home away from home. This centre offers traditional cultural activities - including a bush balm program supported by Caritas Australia - to support patients who have been dislocated from their home and culture.

This program offers people who are chronically unwell, a sense of purpose, meaning and wellbeing. It gives them the opportunity to pass on traditional knowledge and values, ensuring participants retain connection with their culture. In such a way, through Project Compassion, and our generosity, Jesus continues to restore life to people searching for their sense of home, both in Australia and overseas.

©Caritas Australia