Year 7 News

Aaron Peters - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7

This week both our parents and the students were getting to know each other better. Our "Welcome by the Pool" for parents was a great night and an important opportunity to meet teachers and other parents in a less formal setting. Thank you to all involved in the evening. Our students have been preparing and delivering "All about Me" talks introducing themselves to the class in a deeper way while developing very important communication skills. These talks have been wonderfully entertaining and have created stronger bonds within the classes. They will be followed up with a written assessment task also on "All About Me" where students will show their learning on life writing.

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A few parents have asked about the procedure for taking your son or daughter out during school time. Please note the following:

  • The parent/guardian needs to write a brief note explaining the reason and complete the record on page 124 of the College Diary.
  • Students will present the Diary to their Homeroom teacher for signing at the beginning of the day in Homeroom and then again to the classroom teacher when they need to leave class.
  • Students must then present the Diary to Student Reception when signing out before departing.

Homeroom teachers have been working with Year 7 classes to establish a safe and enjoyable environment for all students at the College. We have discussed the following:

  • the College has a strict 'hands-off' policy. Under no circumstances are students to touch each other in an aggressive manner,
  • the only objects we throw at school are sporting equipment on the oval, this removes the danger that a person might accidentally be hit and hurt by other objects,
  • we speak to each other in positive ways,
  • if you are concerned about something that is occurring in the playground go and speak with the duty teacher about this,
  • finally, students who observe something happening that threatens the safety of other students and do nothing to stop it are also responsible along with those taking the wrong action.

Let's make our school a great place for everyone to enjoy.