Founder's Time

Every year the College set aside three weeks to celebrate our founders St Ignatius Loyola, Venerable Mary Ward and Pope John XXIII, this is known as Founder's Time. This week we celebrated St Ignatius Loyola with his Feast Day being Tuesday. For the first time we held a College wide Examen in honour of St Ignatius Loyola. St Ignatius felt that through praying the Examen we could build our relationship with God and live a happy and peaceful life. During the week we also saw a Primary Mass dedicated to 'Finding God in All Things', a passion of St Ignatius, and the celebration of Loyola Day in the Secondary. We will pray the Examen at 3.05pm each Tuesday of Founders Time. Next week we focus on Mary Ward offering study walks of the Mary Ward statue and specific daily prayers dear to Mary Ward. In the third and final week of Founder's Time we look at Pope John XXIII culminating with John XXIII day on the final Friday. Please follow the attached link to read more about St Ignatius Loyola and to learn more about The Examen.

Silvana Vicoli
Faith and Justice Coordinator K-12