Neil van Herk - Sustainability Coordinator

150x212-jtc_ecological_footprint.jpgPlastic Free July - Take the Challenge
The challenge is quite simple. Attempt to not use single-use plastic during July. "Single-use" includes plastic shopping bags, plastic cups, straws, plastic packaging...basically anything that's intended only to be used once and then discarded. If refusing ALL single-use plastic sounds too daunting this time, try the TOP 4 challenge (plastic bags, bottles, takeaway coffee cups & straws). Register at

Green tip: Most of us use plastic bags for our shopping, but bringing reusable bags is only hard to remember at the start. It soon becomes a habit. Avoiding use of plastic bags would make a huge difference to pollution, particularly of our oceans. Small reusable bags that fit in a handbag are available from major supermarkets and online. For those times when you must use plastic bags, they can be recycled (both light and heavy plastic bags) by placing them in the plastic and packaging recycling collection bins at the front of Coles, Woolworths or Target stores. To find plastic bag recycling locations in your area, visit and search for 'Plastic shopping bags'. Torn or damaged reusable 'green bags' that can no longer be reused can also be placed in these collection bins. Plastic bags and biodegradable bags should not be placed in your kerbside recycling bin at home as they can interfere with the sorting process and machinery at recycling facilities.

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