Last Friday 26 June, the Art Gallery of Western Australia hosted the Year 6 Art and Philosophy Day using a John XXlll College Magis program written for the day. According to Lisa Young, who is the Education Officer, it was a fantastic day. 80 students from 20 schools participated in the day-long event. There is Year 7 Art and Philosophy Day later in the year.

Last week a group of Year 9 Magis students were invited to tour the JOIDES Resolution vessel. The research vessel is docking in Fremantle in July and schools have the opportunity to explore the ship. On 31 July groups will be able to tour the ship with an IODP researcher. The ship is a deep sea drillship that collects continuous core samples from deep below the sea bed to tell the story of the planet. Students will be shown core samples and a whole array of different specialty labs for each area of expertise. The following links are background on the program:

On Saturday 4 July our Magis Debating Team travels to Sydney to participate in the Jesuit Debating Carnival. We look forward to hearing how they found this experience next term.


Year 10 students have begun work on the classic novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Next term they will all participate in the Atticus Finch Justice Award. Hopefully next year 4 of these students will form our 2016 Magis Debating Team and attend the Jesuit Debating Carnival.

The Audio Engineering students had their last workshop on Thursday this week and graduated with industry certificates. Workshop graduates Sophie Minissale, Darcy Stokes, Georgia Williams and Edzelle Abrio managed the sound at the Year 9 Social on Thursday night. Next term other students from the group will be responsible for the Year 8 Social. We are very grateful to the John XXlll College Audio and Visual Manager, Ben Fry, for all his help with this very popular Magis program. We hope to offer the workshop again next year.

Ben Fry is leaving the College this week. I would like to acknowledge all the help he has given Magis over the years. He has assisted me with Media Club, mentored students in the dark arts of sound and lighting and given them brilliant opportunities to use the skills they acquire through Magis. Most particularly we have valued the way in which he has enabled Magis students to shine through doing the audio visual on important occasions such as Presentation Night. Since 2010 Magis students have prepared this presentation and in some years their own musical compositions provided the sound scape for the event. The visual format was designed by Magis students, collated by them and on the night, they ran their presentation. We have a debt of gratitude for all that we have learnt from Ben and wish him great success with his future.


Chess Club meets at lunch time in the Library on Thursdays. However, secondary students are welcome to play chess at lunch time every day.

I have received the registration documentation for the Philosothon this week. So next term Philosophy Club will start preparing for this exciting night later in the year.

Space Camp USA

I am delighted to report that we are offering a trip to Space Camp in USA in 2016 for students in Year 9 to 11. We are planning the tour in conjunction with Corpus Christi College. It is a two week trip during the school holidays in April next year.

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Next term, Library opening hours will be:

Monday - Thursday: 7.30am - 5.00pm
Friday: 7.30am - 8.00am (closed for Mass) 8.30am - 3.30pm

For Year 12 students, from Week 7 next term, the hours will be extended to 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday. This is to assist those who wish to study for exams.