Seek Justice


The collect prayer on the First Sunday of Lent invites us to 'grow in understanding of the riches hidden in Christ'. This is at the heart of our Lenten 'campaign of service'.
The gospel invites us to go into the desert - the place within us where we contemplate in quiet reflection. It is here we come to selflessness and openness to Christ that can only be found in reflection and prayer. If we empty ourselves in prayer and almsgiving our eyes will be open to see the hidden riches of Christ in the many faces of our global neighbours.
During the Lenten season we also fast from excessive food and drink, and give alms to those without access to sufficient basic needs. By turning our minds to the needs of others through Project Compassion, our prayer and contemplation reaches out to others. Our giving can enable our brothers and sisters in Malawi, featured in this year's Project Compassion, to create paths towards a better future.
During this Lenten season, the Church invites us to be more loving and generous with our time, our talents and our material possessions. When we go into our own desert we discover that it is God's abundant love that motivates us, that invites us to reach out in love to others, our family and friends, our neighbours, and those who need our compassionate love.


For our brothers and sisters around the world experiencing extreme poverty and injustice: That through our generosity, the Church in Australia will help build a more just and fair world. We pray to the Lord.
For our community: That we will support each other in selflessness and humility so that we can be true disciples of Christ during this Lenten season. We pray to the Lord.

"Education is an act of hope." Pope Francis


Like many families in her remote village, Doney and her family have often gone months without enough to eat. But with the support of Caritas Australia and local partner CADECOM, the people of Doney's community have learned to harness their strengths. Today they are building new livelihoods, improving health and growing literacy to create paths towards a better future.

Please donate to Project Compassion 2016 and help people in remote areas of Malawi harness their strengths and pave the way towards a thriving future.
You can donate through Parish boxes and envelopes, by visiting or phoning 1800 024 413.