Around the Primary

Dear Parents

We know that everyone has very busy lives - however we ask that you please circle Saturday 19 March on your calendar for our annual Primary Picnic. Let's make it a real family event by joining in the fun and helping out as needed. We have a very dedicated team of Primary parents working hard behind the scenes to make sure this Easter picnic is a terrific event for the young and not so young. Please start spreading the word and getting the date of our school picnic out there in our community. Your children will love seeing you helping and also having lots of fun! These are the special occasions that children remember years down the track.

Follow this link on Trybooking to purchase tickets and pre-order catering


Tuesday 23 February is Primary Photo Day and all children must wear their school uniform (not sports uniform) to school. We really rely on the co-operation of all parents when it comes to children wearing their correct uniform to school. Our School policy is clear, that a near haircut is expected and long fringes are not acceptable. Also, all children need to wear predominantly white sneakers with white shoe laces on allocated sports days. We thank you for your co-operation and support in regard to this matter.

Congratulations to all the students who are making the commitment to attend the after school swimming sessions on Monday and Wednesday afternoons with Mr Alderman and the UniSwim swimming coaches. We look forward to seeing some results at the Twilight Swimming on Thursday 3 March.

boy-1-with-goggles.jpg one-lane-freestyle-6631.jpg boy-2-with-goggles.jpg

A big thank you to all our Primary Singers who attend early morning rehearsal sessions each week. Many of our singers have also been coming along to Community Mass on Friday mornings to sing with the Secondary students. At today's liturgy they received a special blessing from Fr Wilson who shared the following lovely quote by St Augustine, 'The person who sings prays twice'. During this season of Lent please make an effort to join us in prayer and song at our Community Mass 8am on Fridays. Everyone is welcome!

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary