Around the Primary

Dear Parents

The well-known African proverb reminds us that 'it takes a village to raise a child'. We are our own village filled with dedicated staff, supportive parents and delightful children. It is our role to plan, guide, assist, mentor, advise, console, listen, discipline, teach, support, nurture, motivate, pass on wisdoms, pray with and challenge the children in our care. Children may face some challenges during their school years and will need support along the way - friendship and social issues, learning challenges, and/or personal challenges. Just like a loving family or 'village', a good school relies on each member to think, speak and act with care and compassion and genuine concern for others.

There is an inherent trust at John XXIII and here are some key ways parents can assist our staff in their work:

  • Trust teachers as they have each child's best interest at heart.
  • If you have a question or concern, go to the teacher directly and speak calmly in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation.
  • Only speak positively about other children, parents or staff in front of your children.
  • Be generous with encouragement!

A big thank you to the many families who came along to the Parent Information sessions that were held this week. Special thanks to the staff for all their work in preparing for these sessions. Just in case you were not able to attend these sessions, information can be found on the College website.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage parents to keep in regular contact with your child's teacher throughout the year. Please continue to support the teachers as it gives your child a greater sense of security knowing we are all working as a team.


The Year Three to Six students have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons. We can now look forward to our twilight swimming carnival on Thursday 2 March at Claremont Pool. A big thank you to all the students who are making the commitment to attend the after school swimming sessions on Monday and Thursday afternoons with Mr Alderman and the coaches from UniSwim. Well done to our swimming enthusiasts:

Year 3
Poppy Finucane
Carla Kavanagh
Thomas Walsh
Matilda MacLennan
Oliver Wever
Charlie Azzopardi
Daniel Edmondson
Hamish Peirce
Alice Travlos
Harry Pazin
Kate Wagner
Lauren McLernon

Year 4
Greg Briede
Hunter Bovell
ackson Bosnich
Amelia Hennessy
Genevieve Price
Ethan Williams
Khyan Mann
Isabella Desiati
Lana O'Gorman
Olivia Polini
Torren Jakovich

Year 5
Zac Morphett
Hannah Dale
Noah Dale
Luke McLernon
Braden Fyneman
Jackson Tout
Connor Price
Joshua Lim

Year 6
Serenity Jones
Sophie Arundell

We also sincerely thank all families for your co-operation and assistance with the afternoon drive-through and pick up at the 'loop'. Just a reminder, parents with children in Years 1-3, need to display their 'family name' sign on their wind-shield or on the back of your car sun-visor. This visual reminder helps the teacher to call for children quickly and greatly assists with the flow of traffic. It is important that parents using the loop drive remain in the car at all times. If you have lost your name sign or need another one, please contact Tracey McGann in the office.

Next Tuesday 21 February is Primary Photo Day. All children need to wear their correct school uniform for the photos. The children are welcome to bring along their sneakers if they have Physical Education with Mr Alderman on Tuesday. Photo Schedule

Our first Primary Assembly will occur next Friday 24 February. Our Year 6 leaders will be receiving their leadership badges and be commissioned into their special portfolios for Semester One. Everyone is welcome to join us in Roncalli Hall at 9am.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


All children receiving Sacraments this year must be enrolled through their Parish. Please contact your own Parish for information regarding First Reconciliation (Year 3), First Communion (Year 4), and Confirmation (Year 6).


We do understand that children may need to attend medical appointments, speech therapy or occupational therapy sessions throughout the day. However, we are concerned that some children are attending extra tutoring during school time. We would appreciate if extra tutoring could occur out of school hours so that children do not miss valuable lessons on a regular basis. If your child is attending extra tutoring during school hours, please inform Miss De Pinto directly.