Sports Review

The College Council received the report from the Chairperson, Mr David Hatt and have had time to reflect on the report. The College Leadership were asked to identify how to implement the recommendations of the review. The Council has accepted the following recommendations:

Immediate (2013)

  • Formalise a strategic plan for Sport using the data collected during the Sports Review
  • Look for effective ways to promote sport in the College such as information nights, prospectus, newsletter, College magazine, assemblies, website
  • Distribute Annual Sports Calendar
  • Introduce Sports Dinner and Annual Awards
  • Appoint a Sport and Recreation Officer to manage Gymnasium and develop new models of before and after school, lunchtime and community use of facility
  • Investigate ways of offering "masterclass" coaching for NAS sport teams
  • Examine Sport Budget to identify ways to realign to meet new priorities
  • Establish a "Friends of Sport" association to find ways to use the expertise of Parents in sport, and to promote more opportunities for parent spectators

Mid-Long Term

  • Feasibility study into interstate and overseas Sports Tours
  • Develop partnerships within the Mount Claremont sports precinct
  • Investigate ways the Curriculum/timetable can be used to provide further sport/physical recreation options suggested, but not limited to:

- Dance K-12
- Recreation for Year 11 and 12 students
- House Based Sport Afternoon for students in Years 7 and 8
- Specialist sport option subjects, ie. Netball, Hockey

  • Development of Therapy Room for rehab and specialist facility for students with physical restrictions
  • Investigating redistribution of teaching allocation of PE staff to allow for greater specialist coaching and mentoring of students involved in College and representative sport