Parents and Guardians - Meet your new Pal!

The John XXIII Parents' Association is the forum for all College Parents and Guardians to discuss and act upon issues that concern them. All parents and guardians of the College are members.

The Parents' Auxiliary is the task oriented arm of the Association. Its primary task is to coordinate parent volunteers for the many social, pastoral and other essential College services. Its other task is to enrich the College Community spirit by creating opportunities for strong connections within the College Parent group. Currently the Parents' Auxiliary is comprised of Parent Coordinators from every year group (K-12) who are overseen by a Primary Convenor (K-6) and a Secondary Convenor (7-12).

Due to ongoing confusion between the Parents' Association and the Parents' Auxiliary, it was voted to change the name of the Parents' Auxiliary to the Parents' Association Liaison (PAL). This name was chosen because:

  • Including "Parents' Association" in the name reflects that the parent working group is an integral part of the Parents' Association;
  • The choice of the word "Liaison" suggests connection, cooperation, contact, links and relationships - all words that accurately describe the intent of the parents' working group;
  • Finally, we could not ignore the fact that the acronym for Parents' Association Liaison is "PAL" - and building friendships and our community is what the Parents' Association Liaison is all about!

We hope that you like our new name and we look forward to working with you in the future to keep our community strong and supported.

Go on … get involved … be a PAL!

More information on the John XXIII Parents Association

All the best,

Paula Hackett - Primary Convenor

Jenny Woodthorpe - Secondary Convenor