Media Club

Work has begun in earnest on the AV for Presentation Night. Media Club members are working on designing the theme and gathering photographs of College life. Students again produced the Daily Notices on Wednesday morning and this can be viewed at:

Gifted Workshop

The Magis Workshop of Forking Paths will run over three days in Week 5. Beginning with an exploration of narrative traditions students will experiment with a variety of ways of story-telling before spending Wednesday 14 November at the Art Gallery of Western Australia completing a Philosothon. Students from John XXlll College and Corpus Christi College will work together over the three days to solve problems and consider the relationship between art and life. The students will be in Xavier 10 for the two days they work on campus. We look forward to seeing the results of their collaboration.

The Philosothon on 14 November will be a trial for a much larger one timetabled for 21 June 2013. Gifted students from many local schools from years 4 to 7 will participate in this event at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. I am already getting many queries from other schools who want their students to be involved.

Mandorla Art Award

Following the judging of this important art award earlier in the year I have been invited by Dr Angela McCarthy from The University of Notre Dame to join the committee for the next Mandorla Art Award. We meet later in the month to choose the theme. I hope, given the success of Julian Poon this year, more of our talented students enter works in the award.

2013 Extension for Year 12 students

Families are reminded two excellent opportunities exist for our Year 12 students in January 2013. Cultural DeCoding at The University of Notre Dame and the Summer Design Studio at The University of Western Australia both offer students a challenging insight into academic life after secondary schooling. Any interested students should see me for enrolment details.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator