Fujimi Exchange Programme 2013

A warm welcome to our Fujimi High School Exchange group! The group is accompanied by Fujimi Teachers, Mr Takeshi Kuriya and Ms Mari Kawaguchi and a representative from JTB, Ms Yoko Yamazaki.

This week the Fujimi Exchange group has been involved in some wonderful activities at the College, including a Welcome to Country by Mr Neville Collard, classes in Aboriginal Art, Sport, Drama, Creative Crafts, English and Japanese Primary and Secondary. They managed to dodge the showers on Wednesday for a bushwalk and picnic in Kings Park. On Friday, they will have an excursion to the City of Perth.

The highlight of the Fujimi Exchange is always the homestay experience with all their host families. Many thanks to each and every host father, mother, brother, sister and family pet for your support and kindness.

On Saturday 10th August, the Fujimi Staff and Students would like to show their appreciation for all the host family's generous hospitality by putting on a short performance, followed by light refreshments in the Thomas Moore Exhibition Centre from 10:30 to 11:45 am.

Shane Glass
Head of Learning Area (Languages)

State and National Language Examinations

Many of our Language students will be sitting both State and Nationally accredited examinations over the next couple of weeks.

So 'bonne chance' to our Year Ten, Eleven and Twelve French students in the Alliance Francaise Examination on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th August.

In addition, 'in bocca al lupo' to our Year Eleven and Twelve Italian student in the WAATI Examinations on Tuesday 13th August.

And the best of luck to all our Year Nine students in French, Italian and Japanese in the Australian Language Certificate Examinations on Tuesday 13th August.

Certification from the Australian Council for Educational Research, Alliance Francaise and the Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian will provide our students with valuable evidence of their achievement across language skills in the international arena.


Shane Glass
Head of Learning Area (Languages)