High Achievers

On Wednesday morning the 31st July there was a gathering of approximately 75 students from Years 7 to 12 brought together to share in celebrating their outstanding Semester One academic achievement. This event is an initiative of the Secondary Leadership Team and is aimed at acknowledging students who strive to achieve at the highest possible levels in their subjects and meeting the respective requirements in each Year group. We are proud of the students who excelled in the first semester. Dr D'Alessandro commented that he thought it was wonderful that these students have the opportunity to celebrate their success together. Read some of the comments by our students below.

At the High Achievers Breakfast we were very privileged to have Dr Peter D'Alessandro, John XXIII College graduate of 1998, to come and share his own story as a past student. Dr D'Alessandro provided us with a fantastic insight into what helped him direct his own career pathway and the influences he experienced throughout his schooling. He is an excellent example of a student who set out their ideals and goals from an early age and demonstrated the commitment and determination to follow through and to achieve his goals.

It was great to see a past high achiever of such high calibre in our alumni. Dr D'Alessandro also provided us his own personalised list of 5 tips which helped him excel in school. Hopefully the high achievers of 2013 can adopt some of these methods to help them fulfil their promising potentials.

Many thanks to Dr D'Alessdandro for coming to the High Achiever's Breakfast and inspiring us to achieve our own goals.

Matthew Lau
Year 12 Head Boy

This breakfast was to recognise and celebrate the many academic achievements of these students throughout Semester One. It was also fitting that this breakfast took place on the feast day of Saint Ignatius Loyola, who valued the pursuit of excellence and striving for higher things. We were privileged to be addressed by guest speaker, Peter D'Alessandro, a past pupil of the college who now works as an orthopaedic surgeon. During his time at school as well as achieving academically, Peter was greatly involved in the many co-curricular activities the college had to offer. During his speech, Peter gave us the following advice:

  1. Be Brave
  2. Be Inspired
  3. Have a thick skin
  4. Be a big fish in a small pond, and
  5. Live in the moment

Peter's sound advice left us all inspired and motivated to continue to strive to achieve our best in all of our endeavours both at school and beyond. The High Achievers Breakfast was a wonderful morning spent together with students who continue to inspire and challenge each other to achieve higher things.

Sophie Monisse
Year 12

After a long and hard first Semester a group of students from years seven to twelve were congratulated on their outstanding academic efforts. All students had achieved remarkable grades in their Semester One report as a result of their dedication and hard work towards their studies. Guest speaker, Peter D'Alessandro gave us all great advice about how to achieve our goals and to enjoy every moment and opportunity that life has to throw at us.

Peter gave us five great tips and the one that particularly struck me was 'to be brave, and not to be afraid of failure. It is through those things that we fail at that we learn the most from.' I thought his speech and the breakfast was a great way to acknowledge all our hard work and it has definitely motivated me to continue to strive to achieve the best that I possibly can.

Zoey Readdy
Year 11