Faith and Justice

Feast of St Ignatius

"The feast of St Ignatius this year comes shortly after the closing of World Youth Day to which many young people from our ministries went. It is easy to imagine St Ignatius having a ball at World Youth Day, playing touch hoppy on Copacabana beach, revelling in the liturgy and in the Pope's simple exhortations, finding in him a kindred spirit.

But Ignatius would have been seen more often in deep conversation with young people on the beach, listening carefully to them and helping them to attend to their deeper yearnings and to live generously. And he would not have been seen only with young people, but also with the beach cleaners and combers and others whom no one else would even have noticed.

For him all human beings, simple or important, mattered because they were brothers and sisters of Jesus. All had desires that could lead them to follow Jesus and find a life worth living. And Ignatius had a genius for helping people sense and sift their desires."

Excerpt from Fr Steve Curtin SJ, Jesuit Provincial in Australia. See full article

The College celebrated the feast in the first week of our 'Founders' Time'. We were blessed to have been able to have Jesuit, Fr Joseph Sobb, from Holy Rosary parish, to celebrate part of the day with us. We also continue to develop the practice of the Awareness Examen throughout the College. Next year, we look forward to installing a bronze statue of St Ignatius, by the same sculptor as the Mary Ward statue

Image: Statute of St Ignatius Loyola in Norwood. Image byMichael Coghlan on Flickr

What is Ignatian Spirituality anyway?

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is a daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart." Mahatma Gandhi

The world Christian Life Community (CLC) is a lay Ignatian association, with a growing membership in WA. In the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola, CLC seeks to find God in all things. To learn more, come to the first meeting of the Nedlands-CLC group.

Tuesday, 6 August, 9:30-11am

Holy Rosary Parish Centre, Elizabeth St corner Tyrell., Nedlands.

Visit for more information, or call Alma Kort at 9386-3782.

If you have wondered about Ignatian Spirituality and are available during the day, this is a great opportunity!

…and the Awareness Examen?

The Awareness Examen is not just for children! If you would like to explore this technique of reflection/prayer, a helpful place to start is the following link - where American Jesuit Jim Manney SJ leads listeners through step by step.

Sacramental Programme

Congratulations to Thomas Gregory in Yr 3 who celebrated his First Reconciliation in the parish of St Mary Star of the Sea, Cottesloe, this week.

For any queries about the Family-focused, parish-based, School-supported sacramental program, please contact Mary-Anne Lumley or check details on the College website which is updated as new information comes to hand.

Community Mass

NB Friday 16th August NO Community Mass, as it is John XXIII Day, and there will be a Mass for the whole College.