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The Parent Association has been fortunate to have arranged the renowned speaker Mrs Maggie Dent to speak to us on TUESDAY 13th MAY 2014.

Maggie is an author, educator, and parenting and resilience specialist with a particular interest in the early years and adolescence.

The topic of RESILIENCE: WHY-WHAT-HOW? has been selected especially for our College community to cover the needs of both parents of younger aged children as well as addressing the issues associated with parenting adolescence. Its focus is Resilience building from Birth to 25.

Maggie has be selected by "Inspire", the Education arm of the Parent Association , as she is a passionate advocate for the healthy, commonsense raising of children in order to strengthen families and communities. The issue of resilience underpins all aspects of coping and decision making throughout life. It is one's ability to successfully manage life and to successfully adapt to change and stressful events in a healthy and constructive way.

This topic is one for ALL parents, to empower them with understanding the challenges they may face parenting in an ever changing society.

Resilience needs to be understood as a vital ingredient in the process of parenting of all children. As Maggie states, resilience " is a process that directs our interactions as we strengthen our children's ability to meet life's challenges and pressures with confidence and perseverance"

PLEASE NOTE:Bookings are essential, see the link on the attached flyer. This will assist us to determine the appropriate venue size. Requests have also been made by the public to attend but due to the John XXIII College Parent Association hosting the event on behalf of the John XXIII community they have priority.

Any other names have been waitlisted til the John XXIII parent numbers have been finalised.

Any further information regarding Maggie are available on her website

Any flyers relevant to the night will be made available via the College website and books will be available for sale on the night.

Any other queries may be directed to or on 0409 103628.

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