Sacramental Diary


May 14: First Holy Communion Parent Meeting at 7:00pm in the Holy Spirit Parish Centre


May 3-4: Confirmation Rite of Commitment - All Masses

May 17-18: Reconciliation Enquiry Weekend - All Masses

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The following homily is by Jesuit, Fr Richard Leonard SJ. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.

With very good reason, the story of the road to Emmaus is thought to be the best parallel we have in the New Testament to our weekly celebration of the Eucharist. This idea could be a little surprising for some who might think the Last Supper would hold more similarities. Luke, however, reminds his community, who are like us, that even though they, like us, are prevented from seeing Jesus, they can still have a life-changing experience of his presence.

The disciples are on a journey of faith and Jesus meets them where they are, as they are. This is a critical detail in the story. Jesus listens to their expectations, hopes and disappointments and only after they have expressed the reality of their situation, does Christ open the scriptures to them. In doing so he takes their disillusionment and enables them to see the connections with the story of salvation. This leads them to hope. Even then, they do not recognise who Jesus is until he breaks the bread and in that action he is revealed as the one in whom they had been hoping. This experience drives them back to Jerusalem to witness to the power of Christ's resurrection.

Every Sunday as part of our journey of faith we embark on our road to Emmaus. There is never any point in us coming here pretending to be different from how we actually feel and who we are. God sees our hearts and minds and wants to meet us in the midst of our lives, whatever they may be like. The Emmaus story teaches us that Jesus firstly wants to listen to us before he wants us to listen to Him.

Emmaus, however, was not just about the disciples and their lives, in the same way that the Eucharist is not just about our lives either. Christ opens the scriptures to us each week so that we can make sense of our experience, see the ways in which God is present and absent and recognise our own foolishness. As with the Emmaus disciples, we are welcomed to the table of the Lord where we recognise Christ in the breaking of the bread and the pouring of the cup. This meal enables us to go out from here and proclaim to all we meet that Christ is risen.

One of the things the Church values most deeply is its connection to the experience of the earliest Church. And rightly so. It's a great privilege for us to recall that what we do here each Sunday is built upon the faith and weekly celebration of countless generations.

And though, appropriately, many things can be different in various cultural settings for the Eucharist throughout the world, several elements always stay the same. It is the Risen Christ who accompanies us, listens to us, opens our minds to the scriptures, hosts us at his table, and sends us out to tell the world that He has been raised from the dead.

This is the best way to understand ourselves as 'traditional Catholics'. We share with thousands of generations the same fire of God's faithful love burning in our hearts as we are welcomed here each week, are listened to, taught, nourished and sent out to do our bit for the coming of Christ's Kingdom.


Today our community celebrated a liturgy of the Word, as Father Wilson is away. Thank you to Year 12 leaders and Gospel choir who helped to make it a joyous Easter season liturgy. It makes us realize how lucky we are to have Mass as a community each Friday morning!

Next Friday 9th May Year 11s are particularly encouraged to attend, and we will also celebrate mothers. Mothers and Year 11 parents, you are encouraged to factor this into your schedule for next week.

Where: Chapel

Time: 8:00-8:30

When: Fridays in term time.

Many families will have attended the Easter ceremonies in their churches. As the Easter season lasts throughout May, the Easter theme will be part of our College liturgies. Families are encouraged to continue the celebration of Easter in their parishes - and particularly on the third weekend of May - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. More next week.