Maths Week

We celebrated Maths Week at the College last week many activities ranging from an Interschool Quiz Night and lunchtime challenges to a Homeroom Quiz.

Have Sum Fun Quiz Night:
This is an annual event organised by the Mathematical Association of WA where schools from all over the state are invited to enter teams of six students to answer sets of problems in a quiz night format. My thanks go to Ms Chan who coordinated the teams this year and also attended on the night. In addition, thanks to Mr Gallagher, Ms McLoughlin and Mrs Peters who also supervised that night.

Mrs Peters was lucky to be asked to help with the timing during the quiz and was able to see first-hand, the atmosphere among the students which was indeed having a great night of fun with the questions. There were teams from many schools present at each venue and we were very proud of the achievement of our students.

img_0196-250.jpg img_0206-250.jpg img_0200-250.jpg

Well done to each of the students on the teams below.

Year 7: Jacob Rigg, Zoe Broderick, Sarah O'Halloran, Matthew Steinepreis, Patrick Robson, Matilda O'Callaghan, Aerin Chai and Shaun Raj.

Year 8: Paul Nedelkos, Daniel Lloyd, Buddhima Silva and Daniel Corvaia.

Year 9: Sebastian Guerrera, Callan Brogan, Christopher Brigg, Hayley Than-Htay, Britney Nguyen and Daniel Martis.

Year 10: Jessica Low, Madison Korn, Matthew Harms, David Harms, Joshua Khoo and Stella Kim.

img_0113-250.jpg img_0133-250.jpg

The following week we had our annual Maths Week activities: the Minties Challenge run by Mr Williams, the Tower of Hanoi puzzle with Mr Mazur, a Sudoku Challenge with Ms Peters and Mr McNeil and our PI Day with Ms McLoughlin. Thanks also go to Ms Chan for organising our Homeroom competition.

img_0029-250.jpg img_0062-250.jpg
img_0072-250.jpg img_0075-250.jpg
img_0089-250.jpg img_0090-250.jpg

The winners for each of the activites were announced in homeroom notices. Congratulations to the following people and thanks to everyone for their participation.

Minties Challenge
Lower School (103cm)
Upper School (127cm)

Sebastian Guerrera
Nikki Olver

St Louis Year 9
Campion Year 11
Tower of Hanoi
1st Place
2nd Place

Alyssa Claassen
Teresa McCluskey

Campion Year 9
Year 7-1
1st Place
2nd Place

Maddie Korn & Liz Evans
Becky Power

Loyola and Koolyangarra Year 10
St Louis Year 11
PI Competition
1st Place
2nd Place

Evan McAuliffe
David Harms

St Louis Year 10
Koolyangarra Year 10

Homeroom Competition

Year 11 Campion