From the Principal

Dear Parents

Last evening the College Parent Association hosted Paul Dillon to speak about Teenagers, Drugs and Alcohol. As usual, he spoke with great directness and honesty to parents and his message about "tough love" parenting was well received.

Paul spoke during the day to Year 10, 11 and 12 Students. He was enthusiastic at the end of the day about the behaviour and attentiveness of our students. He gave them salient, current and honest information about Alcohol and Drugs. Now would be a good time to start a conversation with your son/daughter about this critical issue.

I congratulate the Parents' Association for funding Paul's presence in our School Community. He will return in October, prior to Year 12 graduation, to talk about the risks of "Leavers".

There is wonderful information on Paul's website, DARTA (Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia), including his ten tips for parents

Next week there is an important opportunity for parents to come together to share their concerns and strategies about teenagers, alcohol, drugs, parties etc. It is our hope the College can formulate and share some common expectations and guidelines around these issues. I hope to see you there at the Thomas More Exhibition Centre on 8th March at 7.00pm

Anne Fry