Year 7 News

STUDENT LEADERSHIP: The Year 7 Homeroom Leadership Life Skills program will provide opportunities for the students to demonstrate personal, group, Homeroom and College leadership with the aim to empower all students to transfer the leadership into their daily lives.

Each Homeroom will have a leadership group of 5 students, each student representing one of the following portfolios:

  • Faith and Justice
  • Events
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Multi Media
  • Sustainability

These portfolios are in line with the College Student Leadership portfolios. The class leaders will be presented with a role description with the invitation to lead creatively inside and outside of the Homeroom. Each week there will be a new group of leaders with all students given multiple opportunities to lead across the year, including speaking at assemblies, welcoming and thanking guests and meeting with the Assistant Deputy Principal.

This week, a Homeroom media leader, Grace Barbour, would like to share her impressions of Year 7 Transition:


CYBERSAFETY: The focus of this week's Year 7 Assembly was Cybersafety with clear guidelines for enabling the privacy settings on all personal devices.


If you would like more information of how to encourage good digital citizenship, many resources are available through the College website:

UNIFORM: Thank you for your support of the John XXIII College Uniform Policy. The students do look magnificent and are to be commended for their commitment to wearing the correct uniform for Homeroom and sporting events.

Mrs Sue Benson - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7